Gujrat School Van Tragedy

Gujrat School Van Tragedy

On Saturday, May 25, 2013 in the morning a school van was hauling children to their school while it got fire. As a result of this fire 16 children along with their lady teacher got burned to death. Eight children are said to be injured and are in hospitals.

A really sad incident.

Civil Administration got crazy did not know what to do. They canceled the registration of the school. They claim the driver of the van has also been arrested. A police officer blamed the fire occurred due to negligence of the driver. May be?

But that is not the root cause of the fire.

Police can take what ever action they like against the crime. But did anybody took the right decision to find out the real cause of the fire? Unfortunately non. Most probably nobody new what to do. So they canceled the school registration. Is there any sense in it?

Most probably the parents have arranged this van to transport their children to school. Do you want to punish the parents why they hired this van to transport their children? No.

You need to find out actual culprit, catch him and take action against that person or persons.

Let us analyze a little bit.
Motor vehicles are inspected every year at the time of renewal of their license or tax token. Was it done? Most probably it may have done but paying some money to the inspector the vehicle must has passed the test.

Who was responsible to keep the vehicle in good maintained condition. The owner of the van or driver or both. Or School administration?

We did not hear that police has traced or arrested the owner of the van. Driver said he is not the owner of the van.
Basically, they should question the vehicle inspector how he passed the vehicle. Then there was a CNG cylinder in the van.

Driver said the fire occurred when he switched to petrol, probably petrol leaked. This requires investigation and if this is a maintenance issue then they should catch the person responsible for maintenance, i.e. either the owner of the van or the driver if he was also responsible for maintenance.

Problem is nobody is interested to find the real cause of the incident. Just haphazard actions without any real results. The same thing happened in Karachi factory fire. They arrested the owners of the factory and put their name on the exit control list. Our honorable chief justice sahib also came into action. But results zero. Because either they did not know what to do or they were not capable to investigate and find the real cause of the fire and make those accountable.

Nobody talked about the Government Inspector who inspected, if inspected and approved the building and Civil Defense people who approved the fire fighting system.

TV channels showed many examples where such public transportation vehicles got fire but simply because no proper action was taken so these accidents continued to happen.