One Pak Army Brigadier And His Driver Killed in A Shoot Out in Islamabad


Today two gunmen riding a motorbike unleashed a hail of bullets as they ambushed a military jeep in Islamabad killing a Pakistani army brigadier and his driver. City police official Tahir Alam said the gunmen killed Brigadier Moin Haider and his driver and wounded one army soldier. He said witnesses told police that two men arrived on a motorcycle, opened fire and escaped after the attack.

Pakistan is in a civil war state. Obviously civilian government has failed. The government don’t know what is the root cause of this extremism and how to deal with it. Pakistan is a in mess and the government has no clue what to do other making statements against extremism.

Pakistani Troops Fire Across Line of Control


Press Trust of India has reported that on October 27, 2008 Pakistani troops fired rocket-propelled grenades and mortars at Indian posts along Line of Control in Kashmir state. According to this news 10 shells were fired in a half-hour period in the Poonch District. No casualties were reported. Pakistan has not reported or commented on any such incident. Should we consider this incident anything significant? This is may be too early to say. Zardari was seeking good relations with India. In such situation starting such activities means what? Did Indians attack Pakistan and now they are blaming Pakistan.

I don’t know. However, such skirmishes are rountine things on Line of Control but the timings do not match with the intentions of both countries.