An Appeal Against Altaf Hussain in Lahore High Court

Altaf Hussain An appeal has been filed in Lahore High Court today against Altaf Hussain. The petitioner Meher Fiaz, President of Lawyers’ Wing of PTI has submitted that Altaf Hussain is a British national so he can not head a political party in Pakistan. Therefore, he should be prohibited from making and broadcasting hate speeches againstĀ  Pakistan Army, other political parties and instigating violence in Pakistan.

The court has accepted the petition for hearing and has set the date April 15, 2015. This is a very important development. Nawaz Sharif and judiciary has to decide whether they should allow Altaf Hussain to broadcast hate speeches, instigate violence in Pakistan and create law and order situation in Karachi. Constitutionally no foreigner can participate in the politics of Pakistan. If he has taken a foreign citizenship then only because he was born in Pakistan does not qualify him to form, head and run a political party in Pakistan. This would be a test case for Nawaz Sharif and our judiciary. This case should also be seen in the context that Pakistan Rangers have already registered a case against Altaf Hussain after the raid at nine zero. This point may be noted that Altaf Hussain does not hold Pakistani passport or ID Card though by British law he can hold dual nationality.

Most Expensive Electricity in The World


Today news have appeared in the local newspapers that with the recent purposed increase of Rs. 2.50 per unit will make electricity most expensive the world.

This is another deed of people’s government. Has anybody raised any voice against this increase? I have seen protest statements only from Karachi merchants and Jam Madad Ali, leader of the opposition in Sindh assembly. People of Karachi expect MQM to take strong stand on this issue.

If you go to low income areas of Karachi you would see a web of wires in the streets above your head. All these wires are running illegally from the distribution poles to people’s homes. In local language it is called kunda system. The question is, why the government cannot stop the stealing of electricity from the grid system? The burden of this free for all stealing goes to other people who do not steal.

Dunya TV has run a poll on their website about the budget 2009-10. As of today 86 per cent indicated that this is anti people budget.

Do you have any opinion on the budget or anything related to people’s welfare Pakistan Forum is open for anybody and everybody. You can say what ever is on your mind. You are welcome to write your comments.