How Much Afghan Governemnt Has Control Over Afghanistan


Helmand is the most violent province in Afghanistan. The governor of Helmand province, Gulab Mangal said the government controls only 8 of the 13 districts in the province. The districts where government has no control, three districts are in the north of the province, and two in the south. NATO security forces are planning to regain the control of these areas.

That tells you how much NATO and allied forces are successful over there.

Pakistan – A Nation Divided


This is the first time in the history of Pakistan that the Army, the President and the Prime Minister had their three separate functions to celebrate the Independence Day.

That tells you all and everything.

I am not a seer. I cannot predict the future but this day August 14, 2008 may be the beginning of the end of democracy in this country.

The politicians are telling us their personal revenge agenda as the problem of democracy.  This is not going to bring stability and prosperity to the people.

If these politicians did not pay attention to the real problems of the country very soon the people will continue to suffer and this country will continue to plunge in misery and anarchy. Political and financial stability will become only a dream.

This time Army will not come to rescue the people.  They had enough share.

But since that is the only entity which is functional in this country so they do feel their responsibility when the people are helpless in the hands of politicians.

But this time when they will come they will not come to leave.

Rafiq Tarar Given Government Residence


Rafiq Tarar, an Ex. President and buddy of Sharif family has been given government residence and he has moved from his private home to government provided housing according to GEO TV Channel .

Rafiq Tarar said that according to rules and regulations any ex. president is entitled to live in government housing for the rest of his life after leaving the office. I don’t know the rules. But the question is if that was his entitlement, or for any ex. president for that matter, then why he did not demand that earlier? Or better yet, why he moved out of the presidential housing when he left the office?

Is it not something also called nepotism?

Sometimes back, Shaikh Rashid Ahmed said in a GEO TV program 60 Minutes that the judges who did not take the oath according to new PCO on November 2, 2007 and took the option to leave the office and now want to get the job back are presently paid their salaries from the special fund of Prime Minister.

Are there any such rules and regulations to pay salaries to judges who voluntarily did not take the oath and preferred to leave the job?

What you would call this bribery, social welfare or helping the poor unemployed judges?

Speak up your mind and write in Comments what ever you think on this subject.

Pakistan’s Political Scene – Part 1


Let us see first to what agony people of Pakistan are going through at present.

Prices of daily commodities are going sky high
Prices of petroleum products are going out of control
There is load shedding of electricity to the full extent all over Pakistan Terrorism.

Five months ago people of Pakistan elected their representatives but they turned out to be incapable to comprehend and control the situation.

In my opinion these are the core problems. Particularly the last one. And that is the biggest problem.

Nawaz Sharif told to one packed election rally when his party will come to power they will make the price of Atta, petrol and electricity to half. Was it verbose, ignorance of economic facts and realities or telling us total lies. Nawaz Sharif party has all the powers in the Punjab province why they are hesitant to do that what they said. Why he is not putting pressure on federal government on this subject.  After all this is his promise to people particularly to the people of Punjab. But after the elections, he himself or none of his party officials talked on this subject. Chaudary Fazal Ilahi of PML-Q reminded PML-N in the opening session of National Assembly  about their half price promise.

All members of the government are telling us that these problems were hand over to them by the previous government. Fine. We hear you. But nobody is telling us what they are going to do NOW to alleviate the problems or at least improve the situation. On the subject of electricity, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf (PPP) minister once threatened KESC (Karachi Electricity Supply Corporation which is a private  company now) if they did not increase the output government will take over the Corporation. The question is, was there any clause like that in the agreement of privatization. Or by threatening KESC generators will start producing more electricity. These are our problem solver. What will be its effect of foreign investment in Pakistan, if somebody is still interested. That is the professionalism of our leaders.

Part 2 will continue.