Should The Doctors Have Right to Strike?


The answer is Yes.

It is not the question of serving humanity as TV news channels and their anchors are portraying doctors committing crime against the humanity.

Basically, any civilian citizen must have the right to negotiate his terms of employment. You can agree or disagree with those demands but they must have the right.  Doctors should not be any exception. This is a total inability and failure of the Punjab government not able to settle down the issues on the table. This is also not appropriate for the TV news anchors to pass their personal comments and portray the doctors strike as a crime or action against the people’s sufferings. Why the striking doctors are only responsible for the suffering of the people. Why not we should blame Khadim-e-Aala for his inability to tackle the issues amicably. 

Do the doctors have any other means to fight for their rights?

Again, this question can be raised that their demands are not acceptable or what ever but in any case you must give them right to take action within the laws and constitution of the country.

 Should The Doctors Have Right to Strike?
 Should The Doctors Have Right to Strike?

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