Pakistan’s Political Scene – Part 1

pakistans political scene

Let us see first to what agony people of Pakistan are going through at present. Prices of daily commodities are going sky high Prices of petroleum products are going out of control There is load shedding of electricity to the full extent all over Pakistan Terrorism. Five months ago people of Pakistan elected their representatives but they turned out to be incapable to comprehend and control the situation. In my opinion these are the core problems. Particularly the last one. And that is the biggest problem. Nawaz Sharif told to one packed election rally when his party will come to power they will make the price of Atta, petrol and electricity to half. Was it verbose, ignorance … [Continue reading]

Qazi Courts Set Up in Mohmand Agency

Qazi Hussain ahmed

The following news has appeared today in the daily DAWN newspaper of Karachi. GHALANAI, July 14: Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan has set up Qazi courts in four places in the Mohmand tribal region. Taliban spokesman Dr Assad told Dawn on Monday that the Qazi courts had been set up to settle disputes in accordance with Sharia. He said that Mohammad Ziad had been appointed chief Qazi. Other Qazis would be named later. He said the courts had been established in Pandialai, Khwezai, Lakaro and Dawezai. Taliban have established similar courts in the adjacent Bajaur agency. This would be interesting to see how the federal and provincial governments as well as opposition parties react to this … [Continue reading]

Recent Elections

recent elections

In recent elections which were held on February 18, 2008, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has emerged as the largest party with highest number of seats in the National Assembly. Pakistan Muslim League of Nawaz Sharif (Nawaz League) is the second largest party in the Assembly. In the beginning Nawaz Sharif openly said that his party will boycott the election. The reason he gave was that elections will be rigged. Peoples Party had also some revservations but decided to participate in the elecions. When Nawaz Sharif saw the situation going into favor of PPP he immediately took a u-turn and said will participate in the elections but they know the elections will be rigged in favor of Pakistan Muslim … [Continue reading]

Welcome To Pakistan Forum

Pakistan Forum is an independent entity and does not belong to any political or religious party, government or non-government organization (NGO). Pakistan Forum does not support or favor any particular political or religious view or philosophy. Primary purpose of this Forum is to provide a place where people can discuss and talk about political, economic and social issues related to Pakistan. This is the place where they can speak up their mind. We strongly believe in collaborative journalism. What does that mean? Almost everybody in this age of internet and digital media (100's of TV channels) have access to news and information about events happening not only in Pakistan but all … [Continue reading]