Dual Nationality Case – Eleven Members of Parliament and Senate Disqualified


Supreme Court of Pakistan gave a historic decision yesterday on dual nationality case and disqualified eleven members of Parliament and Senate including Rahman Malik. This decision is much appreciated by all walks of life in Pakistan except Peoples Party. There is nothing special about that. They will criticize the judges and their decision on one hand then on the other hand they will say we always respect the apex court and its decisions.

Samsaam Bukhari, a state minister in the PPP government said they (meaning PPP is not satisfied with this decision). Funny thing is that having or keeping dual nationality is prohibited in the Constitution of Pakistan. But nobody challenged it in the court of law. Now PPP and PMLN both blame apex court that court did not object to Moin Qureshi’s status when he was a caretaker prime minister. If the Supreme Court did not take action at that time then why these politicians who are objecting now took the case to the Court. This is criticism for the sake of criticism.

Fuad Chaudary who changed his loyalty some time back from APML (All Pakistan Muslim League headed by Pervez Musharraf) to Peoples Party said on this decision that why the Supreme Court did not take action on PLMN’s members of parliament or senate who have dual nationality. First, I don’t know all the disqualified members belong to PPP, if there are PMLN’s members who have dual nationality and Fuad Chaudary knows about them then why he is not going to go to court or at least announce their names so people can see his truthfulness.

Supreme Court has instructed Election Commission of Pakistan to ask all the members of Parliament and Senate to provide declaration about their nationality. That should resolve the issue.

I think now the most important thing is how long it will take to implement Supreme Court’s decision.

Let us hope for good!

Young Doctors’ Strike in Punjab


What are doctors’ demands?
What is Khadim-e-Aala’s (KEA) postion since he is also health minister of Punjab?

What we see on the banners in TV news it seems KEA has promised something but did not deliver. No TV channel has brought both parties in any discussion together to let the people know what is the truth.

On the other hand almost all the TV channels and their anchors are doing anti-doctors activism showing that patients are suffering because of their strike. It is a bias against doctors.

Media should have brought the both parties on the TV discussion and let us learn who is right and who is wrong. This is not the responsibility of anchors to tell us their opinion.

On the other hand it is total failure of KEA’s political and negotiation skills that the situation has reached to this point that KEA has to changed the law to arrest the doctors.

Asif Ali Zardari Elected As New President

Asif Ali Zardari, aka Mr. 10 percent has been elected as new President of Pakistan.

Congratulations to Pakistani nation on electing one of the their most corrupt politicians as their new President. His name has been synonymous with corruption and commission on projects during the two tenures of his wife as Prime Minister. Hence known as Mr. 10 percent.

He is going to be one of the most powerful civilian President in the history of Pakistan.
He is Co-Chair of the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party. There was a time when it was said that President should a neutral person representing the country. Now it is openly said that president and prime minister should be from the same party for harmonious running of the governemnt.

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