Rahman Malik Seeks Fatwa Against Terrorists


After the attack of terrorists on a mosque in Parade Lane (Rawalpindi) on Friday, Rahman Malik Interior Minister asked Pakistani Ulema to give a fatwa against terrorists. He also wants the fatwa should say that they are not Muslims.

Maulana Muneeb Rehman on GEO TV and other Ulema and Maulvies and Mullahs are making statements that according to Qura’an and Hadith “anybody who killed one person he killed whole human beings”.

Barak Obama, also referred to this Quranic teachings in his address in Cairo.

The question is when Christians and Qadianis were murdered within the boundaries of Islamic Republic of Pakistan at that time no A’alim, no Maulvi and no Mullah said anything about these murderers. Nobody gave any reference of Qura’an and Hadith. It seemed that killing of Christians and Qadianis was Ok with the Ulema and the government of Pakistan.

In fact, Aamir Liaquat Hussain, a self appointed A’alim said openly in his program ‘Alim on Line’ on GEO TV that killing of Qadianis is acceptable in Islam. On Youtube you can see the clips of that program. No Aalim, no Maulvi and no Mullah said anything against Aamer Liaquat Hussain. Christians and Qadianis are not human beings?

This is Islam as interpreted in Pakistan.

Islam is very flexible religion anybody can interpret the way he likes. When Iraq attacked Iran in 80s both countries declared it is Jihaad.

When Aamer Liquat Hussain declared on GEO TV that killing of Qadianis is acceptable. That was his interpretation of Islam.

When Taliban or other extremists Mullahs use the same Islam to attack and kill other people then why you seek fatwas against them. You did not sought fatwas against Aamer Liaquat Hussain and other murderers of Christians and Qadianis. In fact supported the killers.

Will these type of fatwas are going to stop the terrorists from their actions. I don’t think so. Then why we are kidding ourselves.