Nawaz Sharif, Panama Case and Supreme Court


What would be the decision by the Supreme Court.

We don’t know.

What we know is Supreme Court of Pakistan has never given any verdict against Nawaz Sharif. This is a matter of fact. Is this time going to be different. Yes, it may be a little different. Not because the judiciary is more independent but people know more than what is presented to the Banch. Credit goes to Imran Khan and TV media channels

You have watched a lot of TV programs and analysis of so called self appointed senior analysts including who are on the payroll of Nawaz Sharif. So it is not the time to go back to argue on the proceedings of the case or the analysis of analysts or experts.

Here is what we think how the decision may look like.

In few hours time decision of the Panama Case will be announced by the Supreme Court so instead of going into details let us be objective go straight to the point.

There are three petitioners in the Panama Case.

Imran Khan, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf
Sirajul Haq, Jama’at Islami
Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed, Awami Muslim League

The four defendants from Sharif family are Hasan Nawaz, Hussain Nawaz, Mariam Nawaz (or Mariam Safdar) and Nawaz Sharif himself.

Let us go one by one about their submissions. Simplest to more comprehensive.

Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed’s plea is very simple and straight forward. He prayed that Nawaz Sharif’s statements made on the TV while addressing two times to nation explaining the trail of money to buy London flats do not match with what he said in the Parliament. On top of that his lawyers in the Supreme Court said they don’t have any record of money transfer to purchase the flats in London other than two letters from Qatari prince. That is the proof Nawaz Sharif lied to the nation, lied in the Parliament and hide the truth in front of the court, Shaikh Rasheed stated. Therefore, Nawaz Sharif should be disqualified for the membership of the Parliament under Article 62 and 63. Hence will be removed from the prime ministership.  Shaikh Rasheed submitted a list of 22 national assembly members who were disqualified on the basis of lying and dishonesty, Article 62 and 63.

What Supreme Court can decide on this point. 

Option 1. Supreme Court can agree with Shaikh Rasheed’s arguments and declare that yes Nawaz Sharif lied and hide the facts from Supreme Court. If that verdict is given. That will be a major blow to Nawaz Sharif’s position. And that will be deviation from the previous practice of Supreme Court supporting Nawaz Sharif.

Option 2. Supreme Court does not say clearly that Nazwaz Sharif lied for his face saving purpose and suggest there are discrepancies in his statements and other evidence provided by the defendant therefore Court suggests that Nawaz Sahrif should resign and stay away until the Commission completes his investigation. This will be less harsh verdict and give some ammunition to PMLN’s GGBrigde (members of the party who uses very abusive language. They collect the salary from public funds but personally serve their master).

Option 3. is that Supreme Court does not do anything and throw the monkey on Commission’s shoulder. There is least chance of taking this option by the Supreme Court.

Sirajul Haq’s petition is that action should be taken against all the people who’s names have appeared in the Panama Papers, loan defaulters, money launderers and involved in corruption should be punished.

What Supreme Court can decide on this point.

This requires investigation therefore chances are Supreme Court will announce to form a commission and hand over all these issues to this commission. Easy way out.

Imran Khan’s petition is the most comprehensive on allegations against Nawaz Sharif for corruption, money laundering, lying and dishonesty.

What Supreme Court can decide on this point.

Actually this case is a bigger problem for the Supreme Court than for Nawaz Sharif. The reason is TV media particularly ARY channel and others has provided documentary evidence of money laundering, corruption and dishonesty of Nawaz Sahrif that people have no doubt about the allegations raised by Imran Khan are true and factual. If the Supreme Court do not care about these evidences then Supreme Court will lose its credibility so they will take middle of the road option.

Justice Azmat Saeed Khosa once said they will make the decision according to constitution and laws. He did not say they will make the decision on the basis of justice. So hanging of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was according to law but not according to justice. Supreme Court find explanations to support their decisions when they want to favor any party.

The Bench will pacify the public by either enforcing Article 62 and 63 on Nawaz Sharif directly or suggesting him to leave his position as prime minister till the inquiry is complete. That will be a polite way saying him to resign. For rest of the matters they will be handed over to Commission. History of Commissions in Pakistan is not very commendable. Nawaz Sahrif will be satisfied because he may have some leverage to manipulate the commission members.

As usual there will be lot of bhashan in the decision report but that will be just fillers will not have much effect on the politics or corruption, malpractices and bad governance of the government. If you recall Anwar Zahir Jamali criticized the government that Pakistan has become a kingdom and talked about corruption but he did not send even a single person to jail. Nasirul Mulik gave the verdict the 2013 elections were fair and there was no rigging.

What will be Nawaz Sharif’s strategy after the decision.

If the Bench takes Option 1 or 2 (Shailkh Rasheed’s petition) then Nawaz Sharif will have to leave the position of prime minister. Some time back there was a talk that PMLN is looking for a replacement. Right now the decision seems to be first resists (even use violence) the implementation of Supreme Court decision then finally announce the new election. Chances are the decision report will suggest a lot of over hauling of different institutions of the country but Nawaz Sharif government will be least interested in doing that. In spite of the dent Imran Khan has made on the political position of Nawaz Sharif the elections system in Pakistan is so corrupt that Nawaz Sharif will prefer to go to elections with out any election reforms.

All in all we do not see much coming out of the Panama Case verdict other than smoke and very little meat, if any.

Saeed uz Zaman Siddiqui as Sind Governor?

Saeed-uz-Zaman Siddiqui (in the Center) New Governor of Sind. Photo Samaa TV

Frail Saeed uz Zaman Siddiqui in the Center. Photo courtesy Samaa TV.

Appointment of Saeed uz Zaman Siddiqui as Sind governor has been challenged in the High Court. Applicant’s plea is that he is not in good health and fit to fulfill governor’s responsibilities.

On the other hand governor said he will try to serve all the segments of the province equally. Our comment is that if he takes care of himself on government’s expenses that would be enough.

When people openly criticized Nawaz Sharif’s decision to appoint a man as governor whose mental faculties are questionable then Noon League issued a statement saying we were not aware of Siddiqui’s  health status.

You can imagine the ignorance of the person who proposed, nominated or selected Saeed uz Zaman Siddiqui as a governor.

Trains Accident Near Landhi, Karachi

Khawaja Saad Rafique

Train Accident Khawaja Saad Rafique Railway Minister (courtesy Google images)

There have been quite few train accidents in near past that is the performance of Khawaja Saad Rafique. But he is busy in defending Nawaz Sharif’s Panama Papers corruption and making explosive abusive attacks on Imran Khan. He gets his salary from tax payers’ money to run and provide better train services to public. But he is busy in his extra curriculum activities. Today instead of going to the location of accident he went to supreme court to see the proceedings of Nawaz Sharif Panama Papers case. That tells you how much attention he is paying to his job or care for injured and is sympathetic to dead.

Khawaja Saad Rafique is accountable for this accident. But this Pakistan there is no tradition of accountability in this country.

Nawaz Sharif is Praying


We have taken this image from a tweet from Sami Ibrahim.

We don’t think we need to say anything else. Everything is self explanatory.

Khawaja Asif Ran Away to Dubai – Will He Return?


A day earlier Khawaja Asif defense minister left Pakistan with family via a PIA flight to Dubai fearing he may be arrested along with other suspects involved in feeding the derogatory news to Cyril Almeida of DAWN. Critical thing was that it was referred to a security meeting at the highest level in the country. This was a national security breach.

Now he may have felt relieved that a JIT committee has been formed to investigate and reach to the bottom of the matter. He may be thinking committees takes months and then cases in the courts take years so it is safe to return to Pakistan even if he is removed from the job of defense minister. Though his presence or absence does not make much difference in the business of the government.

Khawaja Asif is the only defense minister in the world who insulted and used extremely abusive language against Pak Army general and Pak Army in the parliament when Nawaz Sharif prime mister was sitting besides him proving his act is endorsed by his boss, Nawaz Sharif.

Chaudary Nisar’s Visit to Karachi

What is the purpose of Chaudary Nisar’s visit to Karachi. Nothing. Just to get some pictures taken and get in some news. At best he wanted to update himself on the MQM chief’s anti Pakistan speech and MQM’s attack on ARY and Samaa’s offices. That is all. Otherwise he is irrelevant in this whole scenario.

Important thing to note is that he did not condemn Altaf Hussain’s speech. What is meaning of that. Same as is boss Nawaz Sharif, i.e. support of MQM an anti-Pakistan outfit. If a country’s prime minister himself support  anti-Pakistan activities in his own country he does not need an other enemy to destroy Pakistan and Chaudary Nisar is part of that.

Why Pakistan Could Not Achieve The Success Other Nations Have Achieved, Nawaz Sharif?

Nawaz Sharif issued a statement yesterday (13 Auguts 2015) on the occasion of Independence Day of Pakistan.  Besides the conventional verbose he asked a question that ‘this is also the time to think why we could not achieve the same type of success as other nations’.

It means he does not know.

As far as Nawaz Sharif himself and his family is concerned they have achieved success probably more than or at least equal to any leader of any third world country.

In Pakistan he has been three times prime minister of Pakistan and he or his brother Shahbaz Sharif have been chief minister of Punjab, the largest province of the country  for more than six times. And he is asking the people of Pakistan why we could not achieve the same kind of success like other countries.

This is one of the root cause of the problems that Pakistani leaders don’t know and don’t have the capacity to think either the problems or their solutions. Forget about preventing the problems to happen at the first place. There are many other also

If Nawaz Sharif or other political leaders know the problems then their priorities are different that is why Pakistan could not achieve the level of success other countries have achieved.

Their only priority is to take care of themselves and their buddies.

If you starts working backward the causes of not standing Pakistan at the row of the countries are many:

Moral Corruption and Bankruptcy of the leadership
Financial Corruption
No Goal or Focus for the development of the country
No effective justice system
Actually, all these causes are interrelated, and there are many more.

This is just a food for thought for you. Make a list of the reason you think we are at the bottom of the list of the countries but we are at the top of the moral and financial corrupt countries. You can share your thoughts in the comments here.