Karachi Businessmen’s Delegation Met With Karachi Core Commander

A delegation of Karachi industrialists and businessmen met today with core commander of Karachi Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar and expressed their satisfaction over the improving law and order situation of Karachi. They also thanked Pakistan Rangers’ efforts in this regard.

They did not meet with Chief Minister or Governor of Sind, they know who is the boss and who can and have the ability to do something good for them or for the country in general. People don’t believe and trust their politicians. That is shameful. When the political parties themselves involve in the killing and ransom activities how they can bring peace to the people. This is also the failure of the Constitution of Pakistan, a dead document.

This is the proof of total failure of politicians and political system of Pakistan.

Pakistan Armed Forces are the only and last hope to fight terrorism inside and outside at the borders of the country, improve law and order situation in the country and protect and preserve Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Political Scene – Part 1


Let us see first to what agony people of Pakistan are going through at present.

Prices of daily commodities are going sky high
Prices of petroleum products are going out of control
There is load shedding of electricity to the full extent all over Pakistan Terrorism.

Five months ago people of Pakistan elected their representatives but they turned out to be incapable to comprehend and control the situation.

In my opinion these are the core problems. Particularly the last one. And that is the biggest problem.

Nawaz Sharif told to one packed election rally when his party will come to power they will make the price of Atta, petrol and electricity to half. Was it verbose, ignorance of economic facts and realities or telling us total lies. Nawaz Sharif party has all the powers in the Punjab province why they are hesitant to do that what they said. Why he is not putting pressure on federal government on this subject.  After all this is his promise to people particularly to the people of Punjab. But after the elections, he himself or none of his party officials talked on this subject. Chaudary Fazal Ilahi of PML-Q reminded PML-N in the opening session of National Assembly  about their half price promise.

All members of the government are telling us that these problems were hand over to them by the previous government. Fine. We hear you. But nobody is telling us what they are going to do NOW to alleviate the problems or at least improve the situation. On the subject of electricity, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf (PPP) minister once threatened KESC (Karachi Electricity Supply Corporation which is a private  company now) if they did not increase the output government will take over the Corporation. The question is, was there any clause like that in the agreement of privatization. Or by threatening KESC generators will start producing more electricity. These are our problem solver. What will be its effect of foreign investment in Pakistan, if somebody is still interested. That is the professionalism of our leaders.

Part 2 will continue.