Chaudary Nisar Ali Khan as Interior Minister

After taking the oath of his new position Chaudary Nisar Ali Khan (commonly known as angry-man) talking to media he stated that law and order is the responsibility of the provisional governments.
That is true.

It seemed he wanted to say that daily target killings in Karachi is the responsibility of Peoples Party’s provisional government to stop it or take any action. Similarly Pakistani Talebans’s bomb attacks in KPK is PTI’s provisional government’s responsibility to take action. In both of these provinces Noon League’s government is not there so he washed his hands off.

Two questions here for Minister of Interior:

One, if maintaining law and order is the responsibility of the provisional government then what is his job and what is his responsibility?

What the federal minister of interior will do?
Collect the reports from provinces and present to Nawaz Sharif? There are plenty of secretaries to do this job.

Second, do the federal government wants PTI to have talks directly with Therik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and make a settlement with them? TTP’s demands are not limited to provincial things. They want drone attacks to stop. Who is going to talk to USA? TTP don’t accept Pakistan’s constitution. They want Islamic law to implement in the country. They want to establish more like a theocracy.

I think the Chaudary Nisar Ali Khan should have accepted the challenge and the problems nation is facing and explained to us what is his solution to resolve those law and order problems. What is his agenda? How he is going to proceed.?
As of now the whole government of Nawaz Sharif don’t have any road map or at least they have not told the nation. Now we are hearing he is going to address the nation. Let us see what he is going to tell us.

His speech in the national assembly was hopeless if nothing else. Mahmood Khan Achakzai and Shaikh Rasheed were the only two persons who addressed the problems and talked about them. Rest of the members including Nawaz Sharif spoke only verbose.
That is not going to cut the mustard. He will know very shortly and should learn now.  He also enjoyed five years along with PPP government.

Khawajah Asif on Javed Hashmi’s Statement

Yesterday, Khawajah Asif made a speech in a gathering of his well wishers in his home town Sialkot and said it seems Javed Hashmi wants to come back into Nawaz League.

A couple of days back we said the same thing that
Javed Hashmi‘s statement about Nawaz Sharif in the parliament seems to be an indication that he wants to go back to his previous party.

We did not hear anything from him or Imran Khan on this subject. We suggest Javed Hashmi should make his position clear, in what context he said Nawaz Sharif ‘was his leader and is his leader’.
He don’t think Imran Khan is his leader.

How Pakistani TV Channels Announce Breaking News

Here are two examples from today’s news on Pakistani TV Channels. That tells you the maturity level of our media.
First breaking news:
Nawaz Sharif has met with Chaudary Nisar Ali Khan Interior Minister. This was announced taking pause in the routine program.
Second breaking news:
Germany has announced 93 million Euro aid to Pakistan to help ease out energy crises.
Beggers are proud that they got alms. This was also announced by stopping the regular transmission.

Makhdoom Amin Fahim on Nawaz Sharif


Makhdoon Amin Fahim is the party leader of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) in the National Assembly. Yesterday, after the election of Nawaz Sharif as new prime minister all the party leaders made speeches. Amin Fahim made the remarks in his speech that they have made him prime minister and he (mean Nawaz Sharif) should be thankful to one agency also who helped him to reach to this position.
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Javed Hashmi on Nawaz Sharif


Yesterday, after the election of Nawaz Sharif (Noon League) as prime minister in the parliament, Javed Hashmi (PTI) while speaking on the assembly floor said,
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President Asif Ali Zardari and His Affiliation with Pakistan Peoples Party

President Asif Ali Zardari and His Affiliation

Yesterday an interview of Asif Ali Zardari with senior correspondants of TV channels was broadcasted. This interview was given by him as President of Pakistan. He may be sitting in his home Bilawal House which was declared as President House. On one side was the flag of Pakistan and on the other side was President’s standard. So this was purely office of the President of Pakistan.
But at the background on the wall there was a big size portrait of late Benazir Bhutto. No president of any country display his wife’s picture where actually the picture of Muhammad Ali Jinnah should have been there.
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Gujrat School Van Tragedy


On Saturday, May 25, 2013 in the morning a school van was hauling children to their school while it got fire. As a result of this fire 16 children along with their lady teacher got burned to death. Eight children are said to be injured and are in hospitals.
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Nawaz Sharif and Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudary


Nawaz Sharif has come into power. All the credit goes to Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudary, Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court. If he has not cleared him from all the charges for which he was sentenced for life then he will not be here where he is today.
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Blank Box on The Ballot Paper

Election Commission of Pakistan has announced that there will be a blank box without any candidate’s name or election sign. The voter will have the option if he thinks none of the candidate is suitable for the job he can stamp on the blank box.
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Badam Zari of FATA

Badam Zari is a house wife in a remote area Arang of FATA. She has submitted her nomination papers for standing in the elections for national parliament. We salute Badam Zari for her courage to come out and fight for the people of FATA. That is the type of people we need to come out. Obviously, she will face a lot of hurdles but this is the responsibility of our media and political leadership to give her full support. We particularly expect Imran Khan (PTI) to at least give her full moral support and help her to get elected. She is the real person for real cause. Our media goes for hype like they created hype for Malala.

What Malala has done for the country or for the people of her area other than getting a couple of gun shots from Taliban. There are thousands of people who were killed by Taliban nobody talked about that. Unfortunately, our TV Channels are more interested in making money by doing anything which increases their viewership.
Badam Zari is the woman who needs our support.

Next parliament must gave the FATA a separate provincial status so that they have their own assembly to solve their own problem.

Stop ruling them. Let them rule themselves. That is the only way forward for the progress of these remote and unfortunately backward areas.

Nomination Papers Submittal Date Extended

Today March 31, 2013 is the last date to submit the nomination papers for 2013 elections. This date was extended for two days from the previous date. General impression is this was done to give the chance to prospective contenders to get the bills and dues cleared before submitting their nomination papers. This may be correct.

But the insiders say this was done to facilitate the political parties to give them more time to decide about their candidate to submit their papers from which constituency.

Would you call this is a fair practice? Absolutely NOT.

Do the political parties have any influence on the working of Election Commission? What does it show you.

Did any political party or anybody for that matter asked to assign more days for scrutinizing the eligibility of contenders except Dr. Tahirul Qadri. He went to Supreme Court also to get this thing implemented but Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudary, Chief Justice did not like his idea and through him out the Court.
Pakistan Zindabad. Aiy Qaud-e-Azam tera ahsaan hey ahsaan.

Breaking News – Najam Sethi Asked Nawaz Sharif for PMLN Ticket

Can Najam Sethi be a neutral care-taker Chief Minister of Punjab?
Do Najam Sethi supports PMNL’s Agenda?
This is a breaking news released by one his own professional colleague.

Shaheen Sehbai of Jang newspaper stated in a program ‘Sawal Yeh Hey’ at ARY News channel that Najam Sethi and his wife met Nawas Sharif three times to get PMLN ticket to stand in the upcoming elections. Nawaz Sharif did not think Najam Sethi is electable so he refused to give him the party ticket for election.

When Zardari learned about that he proposed Najam Sethi’s name as care taker chief minister. Now Nawaz Sharif was facing a dilemma. He knew Najam Sethi is pro PML-N but in his opinion Najam Sethi is not electable. So he accepted Najam Sethi’s name as care taker chief minister. Probably Zardari thought Najam Sethi may be pro PML-N but he is wise enough not favor him for future reputation. Zardari may have offered him some future position. We don’t know.
Another thing is very strange. Najam Sethi is more like a secular minded person how he went to Nawaz Sharif to get a PMlN ticket when PMLN is purely a rightest party. Nawaz Sharif has condemned suicide bombs attacks but he never condemned Taliban even they have accepted the responsibility.

The question is, does Najam Sethi supports now Nawaz Sharif’s rightest agenda. Only Najam Sethi can answer this question. Irfan Siddiqui another columnist who writes a column in Jang newspaper he has mentioned in his column, his son who is a banker in Dubai stated his observation that Najam Sethi has shown more balanced or neutral view point towards political parties in his TV program.
Was there something cooking behind the scene which we did not know? For sure.

Or did Zardari sent Najam Sethi to Nawaz Sharif to ask for PMLN ticket. We don’t know but may be.
What do you think. Speak up your mind and write your comments please.

Who Funded The Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudary’s Reinstatement Campaign?

On TV talk shows Khawaja Asif and Saad Rafiq both of PML-N  were asking questions who funded the big gatherings of Dr. Tahirul Qadri and Imran Khan. What they were implying was this is funded by establishment. Indirectly, they were accusing Pakistan Army. Well, that is fine. They will get the answer by those respective parties. But we have another question.

Who funded the big jalsas chaired by Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudary and where Ali Ahmed Kurd used to shack is head with long hairs and Hamid Khan presently of PTI used to say they will tear the uniforms for generals?

That would definitely be of interest to people of Pakistan to know about that.

Was it Pakistan Army?
Was it Pakistan Peoples Party?
Was it Pakistan Muslim League (Qaaf)
Was it MQM?
Was it Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), or
Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif & Company?

After reinstatement:

Who got the benefit of that?
Who used to say solution of all the problems of Pakistan is to reinstate Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudary as Chief Justice of Pakistan.?
Which problem(s) have been solved by reinstatement of Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudary?

Do you know the answer? Please let the other people also know about that.

US$ 60 Million Money Laundering Case against Asif Ali Zardari in Swiss Court

Letter to Swiss Authorities Has Been Sent to Bern. Will This Letter Re-Open the Case?

The Answer is No.

The letter which was supposed to be sent to Swiss Court according to Pakistan’s Supreme Court’s instructions has been reached to Pakistan Embassy in Bern and most probably will be delivered on Thursday to Swiss Authorities.

Is there anything going to change?


This is just paper compliance to Supreme Court’s instruction.  PPP released very late after sacrificing one prime minister, Yousaf Raza Gillani that the letter will not re-open the case so there is no harm in writing and sending the letter.

The lawyers familiar with the Swiss Court system including the attorney who was representing the government of Pakistan in this case earlier said until the  case is ‘actively pursued’ in a Pakistani court, Swiss Authorities will not take any action to reopen the case. Then the question is why this boo ha ha. Simply because PPP’s legal team did not know or familiar with the Swiss legal system.  Many Pakistani attorneys mentioned this fact on different TV discussions. PPP’s whole thrust was on the point that president has immunity against any case in the courts inside or outside of the country. But Aitzaz Hassan was not willing to contest this point in the Supreme Court. The result is evident now. But it seems he was afraid Zardari’s election to president may be challenged because there is a money laundering case against him. This was the responsibility of Nawaz Sharif to take up this point but he is neither able nor capable to do that.

That raised the belief that PPP and PMLN have agreed in principle that they will not go against each other. Essentially that was the essence of so called ‘Declaration of Democracy’ commonly known as ‘Misake Jumhooriate’ between Benazir Bhutto of PPP and Nawaz Sharif of PMLN.

Nawaz Sharif Sympathizes with Americans of Pakistani Origin


After watching the news of devastation caused by the super storm Sandy in the USA, Nawaz Sharif head of PLMN told to Americans of Pakistani origin that they should not consider themselves alone at this time of stress. PMLN is with them. He advised them to contact Pakistan Embassy in Washington, DC.

Do the Americans of Pakistani origins need any sympathy or help from Nawaz Sharif or from Pakistan Embassy? Do they care of Nawaz Sharif’s message?

The leader who did not bother to go to Sindh and other parts of the country to offer any form of material help to people there when they were badly affected by torrential rains and flood what he can do for the people living ten thousand miles away in the US. And what Pakistan Embassy is going to do for the families back home in Pakistan when there is no electricity and phones and Internet is not working.

Our leaders are always looking for an opportunity to play politics. American government is there to take care of all the Americans and not only Americans of Pakistani origin.
If Nawaz Sharif really have something to say send a letter of condolence to the families who have lost their lives and show some concern with the government of the United States of America. But do they care of Nawaz Sharif’s message?