Amjad Khan Leaves PTI and Join MQM

We don’t know who is Amjad Ullah Khan, we mean we don’t know his background. But one thing we know rather learned through TV breaking news that he has was contesting in by-election NA-245 in Karachi on PTI’s ticket but now surrendered his nomination from PTI in favor of MQM candidate Kamal Malik and joined MQM.

In our opinion Amjad Ullah Khan joining MQM is the news. 

On March 11, 2015 when Sind Rangers raided Nine Zero the headquarter of MQM in Azizabad, Karachi they found guns, rifles, grenades and associated ammunition and plenty of it. Besides that more than 100 criminals were hiding there. At this point we are not talking about MQM’s relationship with Indian intelligence agency RAW or getting funding from Indians. Does Nawaz League, Qaaf League, PPP or PTI have collected such stuff in their custody? Then why MQM has all this. Simply because MQM is a terrorist party who believes and uses violence. Otherwise why they had these guns and grenades there. If you combined this discovery with Altaf Hussian’s hour long telephonic anti-Pakistan hate speeches and his instructions to his followers to sell their TV sets and buy guns and do shooting practice on sea shore in Karachi the picture becomes more clear. Does anybody still has any doubt about the terrorism of MQM. Every second criminal Sind Rangers has caught found to be MQM’s member and operative.

We believe Amjad Ullah Khan (ex. PTI) knew all these things like all other Pakistanis. So we have to believe Amjad Ullah Khan has joined MQM because he support MQM’s terrorists activities and their ethics.

Does Imran Khan want to have a terrorists supporter in his party?

South Korea Singed Free Trade Agreement With India


South Korea’s National Assembly has ratified a free trade deal with India that promises to slash tariffs on goods and services between two of the Asia’s biggest economies. The bill will officially be known as Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.

The Bill is passed by a margin of 192-0, with five abstentions in the 298-seat National Assembly. The two countries will abolish or cut tariffs for 90 percent of Indian goods in terms of value and 85 percent of South Korean products.

India Blamed Pakistan Protecting Militants’ Satellite Phones


Today Indian Express has published a statement of Indian government that they have found evidence that Pakistan has set up an electronic infrastructer to protect Thuraya satellite phones used by Pakistani militants targeting India. According to Indian sources transmitters have been found along the Line of Control and Pakistan-Indian border which obscure the signals originating from the phones. Indian believe it could not exist without the implicit support of Pakistani government.

This allegation has come just a week before the the meeting of Foreign Secretaries of India and Pakistan to discuss steps Islamabad has taken to curb the terrorism directed against India.

Is Pakistan involved in this activity as India has blamed? May be? The problem is Pakistan has no credibility in front of world community. In November last year on the occasion of Mumbai terrorist attacks Indian blamed Pakistan and said they have evidence of mobile phone communication. President Zardari and Rahman Malik of Interior Ministry of Pakistan immediately denied the charges which turned out to be true later. So Pakistan should be careful.

If the Pakistani government is involved in this particular case the reason could be to shield it unsuccessful efforts to control militant activities. Why they cannot locate the people who are involved in these type of activities. May be Pakistan should seek help from India.

Unless there is a political will in Pakistan to curb the extremism, nothing is going to change. Recent events indicate government is afraid of religious parties and mullahs. PPP government is also afraid of Nawaz Sharif because he supports these mullahs and he has shown power to move the people with the help of TV media against PPP government.

Lashkar-e-Tayaba Involved in Mumbai Attacks – Pakistani Security Sources


Wall Street Journal reported today quoting Pakistani security officials that Laskar-e-Tayaba has confessed they were involved in Mumbai attacks.

Last month Pakistani security police arrested Mr. Zarrar Shah a top Lashkar commander in Pakistani controlled Kashmir. According to Pakistani sources Mr. Shah confessed the group had a role in these attacks. He admitted he was one of the key planners of the operation and talked to attackers during the rampage giving them advice to keep them focused. This phone call was intercepted by US intelligence. When this phone recording may have been played there was no room for Pakistan and Mr. Shah to refute the allegation that Pakistani territory was used in this attack.

This disclosure now will put international pressure on Pakistan to accept that attacks were originated from its territory.

During all this time Pakistan has been insisting India should provide evidence about Pakistan’s involvement. US, Britain and India have always been saying Lashkar-e-Tayaba is involved. That means India and US have better intelleginece about Pakistan than the government of Pakistan or Mr. Zardari thinks the international community will believe him.
How much coordination Pakistan’s different agencies have among themselves here is something you would like to read.

Farhat Ullah Babar a spokeman for Asif Ali Zardari said on Tuesday he is not aware of investigation proving any link between Lashkar and Mumbai attacks. He further said “The Interior Ministry has not been furnished any evidence about this investigation”.

Now the million dollar question is, will Pakistan do anything against these Islamic extremeists. If history is any indication then expect nothing. But the difference this time is that US, British, India and Pakistan’s traditional allies will put pressure on Pakistan to take action.

India Signed a Defence Agreement with Qatar


Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is visiting Qatar now a days. He met with Amir of Qatar Shaikh Hamad bin Khanlifa Al Thani in Doha today. They discussed bilateral relations and ways to enhance cooperation among the two countires.

During this visit Indian and Qatari defense ministers signed a defence cooperation deal which an Indian official stated as “just short of stationing troops”. The agreement includes joint training excercises, cooperation on counter terrorism intelligence and maritime security.

Gulf states have realised that India is the new name of power in South East Asia and they started developing relations with India. They already had very close economic and defense relations with India for many many years. As far as Pakistan is concerned it is a dead horse.

The only thing Pakistan is known now in the world is religious hatred, Islamic extremism and terrorism.