Badam Zari of FATA


Badam Zari is a house wife in a remote area Arang of FATA. She has submitted her nomination papers for standing in the elections for national parliament. We salute Badam Zari for her courage to come out and fight for the people of FATA. That is the type of people we need to come out. Obviously, she will face a lot of hurdles but this is the responsibility of our media and political leadership to give her full support. We particularly expect Imran Khan (PTI) to at least give her full moral support and help her to get elected. She is the real person for real cause. Our media goes for hype like they created hype for Malala.

What Malala has done for the country or for the people of her area other than getting a couple of gun shots from Taliban. There are thousands of people who were killed by Taliban nobody talked about that. Unfortunately, our TV Channels are more interested in making money by doing anything which increases their viewership.
Badam Zari is the woman who needs our support.

Next parliament must gave the FATA a separate provincial status so that they have their own assembly to solve their own problem.

Stop ruling them. Let them rule themselves. That is the only way forward for the progress of these remote and unfortunately backward areas.