Recent Elections


In recent elections which were held on February 18, 2008, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has emerged as the largest party with highest number of seats in the National Assembly. Pakistan Muslim League of Nawaz Sharif (Nawaz League) is the second largest party in the Assembly. In the beginning Nawaz Sharif openly said that his party will boycott the election. The reason he gave was that elections will be rigged. Peoples Party had also some revservations but decided to participate in the elecions. When Nawaz Sharif saw the situation going into favor of PPP he immediately took a u-turn and said will participate in the elections but they know the elections will be rigged in favor of Pakistan Muslim League Quaid-e-Azam (PMLQ). So much so that Nawaz Sharif himslef, Shahbaz Sharif his brother, Iqbal Hasan and Chaudry Nisar openly and repeatedly said naming the persons, places and times about the plans going on for rigging the elections. And they continued all the way upto February 18, 2008. Even in the early hours when election results were compiled.

My interpretation is that:

Nawaz Sharif and his party were not expecting that they will win to such a landslide.

So they were making a lot of noise about rigging.

Preparing ground for agitation at a later stage.

Other parties namely, Jamat e Islami and Imran Khan etc were also playing the same tune.

Now the question is:

There is no doubt that PMLQ has done a lot of development work. Absolutely clear.
Todays’ problems of shortage of electricity for example, stem from the Nawaz Sharif and Benazir era
Nawaz Sharif was outside the country for 7 years. Pakistani nation knows he is a convicted person (that is why his nomination papers were rejected). He also lied openly when he said there is agreement of his pardon deal. Everybody knows about that.
Benazir was out of the country for 8 years. Zardari was allowed to leave the country out of a deal Benazir and Nawaz Sharif when they were out of Pakistan they behavior was anti-Pakistan.


Why the Pakistani nation elected them. That is the discussion point for today.

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Primary purpose of the discussion is to bring out what people think about their leaders and how they interpret the political situation. That will also show the maturity level of the nation.

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