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Nawaz Sharif is Praying


We have taken this image from a tweet from Sami Ibrahim.

We don’t think we need to say anything else. Everything is self explanatory.

Khawaja Asif Ran Away to Dubai – Will He Return?


A day earlier Khawaja Asif defense minister left Pakistan with family via a PIA flight to Dubai fearing he may be arrested along with other suspects involved in feeding the derogatory news to Cyril Almeida of DAWN. Critical thing was that it was referred to a security meeting at the highest level in the country. This was a national security breach.

Now he may have felt relieved that a JIT committee has been formed to investigate and reach to the bottom of the matter. He may be thinking committees takes months and then cases in the courts take years so it is safe to return to Pakistan even if he is removed from the job of defense minister. Though his presence or absence does not make much difference in the business of the government.

Khawaja Asif is the only defense minister in the world who insulted and used extremely abusive language against Pak Army general and Pak Army in the parliament when Nawaz Sharif prime mister was sitting besides him proving his act is endorsed by his boss, Nawaz Sharif.

Maulana Fazalur Rahman’s Islam and Corruption

JUI, Fazalur Rahman, maulana fazalur rahman

Maulana Fazalur Rahman said protecting prime minister (of Pakistan) is a good deed. Everybody knows the corruption and money laundering of Nawaz Sharif. Maulana Rahman is a propagator of Islamic system in Pakistan. Though he never explained and told us what type of Islamic system he wants to implement in the country and how he will do that. If his thinking and ideas dictates his actions then we can draw the conclusions very easily.

According to his interpretation of Islam, corruption, dishonesty, lies and disloyalty to country is according to the teachings of Islam.

The question we should ask ourselves is if prophet Muhammad (sas) is alive today will he endorse Maulana Rahman’s actions and interpretation of Islam.

Earlier if you remember he gave a statement that Baitullah Mashud, a chief terrorist of Pakistan Talibans is a martyr and his famous quote if a dog is killed by Americans the dog will be a martyr.

This is Maulana Fazalur Rahman’s Islam.And he is ally of Nawaz Sharif. That tells you Nawaz Sharif agrees with Maulana Rahman’s interpretation of Islam.