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Karachi Businessmen’s Delegation Met With Karachi Core Commander

A delegation of Karachi industrialists and businessmen met today with core commander of Karachi┬áLieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar and expressed their satisfaction over the improving law and order situation of Karachi. They also thanked Pakistan Rangers’ efforts in this regard.

They did not meet with Chief Minister or Governor of Sind, they know who is the boss and who can and have the ability to do something good for them or for the country in general. People don’t believe and trust their politicians. That is shameful. When the political parties themselves involve in the killing and ransom activities how they can bring peace to the people. This is also the failure of the Constitution of Pakistan, a dead document.

This is the proof of total failure of politicians and political system of Pakistan.

Pakistan Armed Forces are the only and last hope to fight terrorism inside and outside at the borders of the country, improve law and order situation in the country and protect and preserve Pakistan.

Why Peoples Party Wants to Save Shafqat Hussain on The Death Row

Sind government in Pakistan has requested president of Pakistan to review and commute the death sentence of Shafqat Hussain. The question is why Sind government is doing this favor to a murderer. The reason Sind government gave is that he was minor when he committed this crime. Are we saying a minor is allowed to kill anybody. That is the law in Pakistan.

By the way Shafqat Hussain kidnapped a small boy for ransom and in the absence of payment he killed the boy.

The question is when the case was the in court why the Sind government did not present this argument in the court.. Obviously the court knew his age and still passed the judgement of death sentence. That shows the moral corruption of the political leader in power. What Qaim Ali Shah chief minister will get in reward we don’t know. But it is logical to think there must be some reason that he is using his official position to plead to president of Pakistan on behalf of Shafqat Hussain. Why Qaim Ali Shah did not do this act of mercy for any other murderer?

Qaim Ali Shah on Nine Zero Operation – Yesterday and Today

Qaim Ali Shah on 90 Yesterday and Today Yesterday Qaim Ali Shah Chief Minister of Sind condemned Rangers’ Operation on MQM Headquarter along with his boss Asif Ali Zardari, co-chairman of PPP and senator Rahman Malik and PPP’s chief wheeler dealer with MQM.

But today he praised Rangers for their successful operation. That is how our politicians are. Yesterday, probably he could not see the wind direction.