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Pakistani TV Anchors and Expert Analysts

There are three types of TV anchors and TV analysts.

1. Those anchors and analysts who talk only facts and truths. In this category you can count Mubashar Luqman (presently with ARY News), Hasan Nisar and Haroon Rasheed, both very influential and widely read columnists and analysts.

2. The anchors who are basically paid promoters of specified agendas and work for different political parties. There is quite number of anchors and analysts fall in this category.

3. The anchors who show they are neutral. So their technique is they see the wind direction. They go with the wind. Basically, they want people watch their show or program. They see if the popularity of PTI is on the rise they will praise PTI. A moment later they will also mention a couple of weak points of PTI with the comment that ‘I don’t agree with PTI’. And that point will be to please the other opponent party or show that he is neutral.

You watch out for these paid and self proclaimed experts. The anchors and analysts falling in the category 2 and 3 are they doing their job honestly? You make your own judgement.

There is nothing wrong to have an opinion on any political activity or agenda of a political party. This is the responsibility of the anchors or analysts to portray his position honestly. That is our policy at Pakistan Forum. We say what we honestly believe is right and true. And we encourage our readers to form their opinion.