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Why Police Brutally Attacked Protesters?

On TV news channels so called senior analysts were questioning why the government decided to attack these protesters who were peacefully moving towards their new sit-in place in front of prime minister house. Good question. Alas, they should know the answer if they really understand what is going on. We Read More…

Altaf Hussain’s Animosity With Imran Khan

Altaf HussainWhy Altaf Hussain don’t support Imran Khan or PTI (Pakistan Tehri-e-Insaf)? We will come back to this question in a minute. You must have listened Altaf Hussian’s speeches where he claimed he is against feudal system and like  to eliminate  jageerdari and wadaira system. Then you have seen he has always collaborated with PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party). Contradiction in words and actions. New generation of his voters are watching this indifference in MQM’s stance . Now all the political parties of Pakistan have clearly been split into two blocks. Those who want to keep the status quo (supporting Nawas Sharif) and the ones who want fundamental changes for the benefit of people (Imran Khan and PTI) Dr. Qadri can also be classified into the second category. Though PAT (Pakistan Awami Party) don’t have political presence in the parliament but their demands are essentially the same as of PTI. MQM has supported the Nawaz Sharif. New generation of Urdu speaking voters believes PMLN has made their life more miserable than what it was 5 years ago during PPP’s tenure. Altaf Hussain and MQM know PTI is a threat to them in their strong hold city of Karachi. Though there is no difference between demands of Imran Khan and Dr. Qadri but Altaf Hussain said he support Dr. Qadri. Simply because PAT is not a threat to MQM. On the other hand he ridiculed Imran Khan. Altaf Hussain sent biryani, water and medicines to Lahore to Minhaqul Quran’s headquarter. Why Altaf Hussain did that. There were political motives behind those action. One, he hopes Dr. Qadri will ask his supporters to vote for MQM’s candidates in Punjab. Or, even if he did not endorse, at least his supporters will remember Altaf Hussain and his biryani. Let us go back again why Altaf Hussain has animosity with Imran Khan. He believes the money laundering case against him in the UK was instigated by Imran Khan. Whether it was Imran Khan or not Metropolitan Police in the UK does not touch anyone unless they have some credible information. If Altaf Hussain or MQM is not involved in money laundering then nobody can do anything against them.

Why People Party Don’t Support Imran Khan?

Asif-ali-zardariIf you recall sometime back Nawaz Sahrif asked NAB (National Bureau of Accountability) to send him files of all the cases against Asif Ali Zardari, Makhdoom Amin Fahim, Raja Pervez Ashraf and other PPP leaders. Immediately after that Khursheed Shah (PPP) leader of the opposition in the parliament and other PPP leaders in the province of Sind issued statements to support the protest right of Imran Khan and Dr. Tahirul Qadari. Though the statements were not strong but the purpose was to send a signal to Nawaz Sharif that this is what will happen.

Nawaz Sharif refrain himself to move further.

Now probably PPP is given assurance their cases in NAB will not be pursued so PPP has started supporting openly to Nawaz Sharif and his government and start criticizing Imran Khan.

Zardari and PPP know about his corruption deeds during his tenure. They also know if Imran Khan came to power they will not be spared. So at any cost they would like to save this system and keep it un-touched. That is why they tell you they support the constitution and the so called democracy need to be protected.

All those political parties who get the benefit from the present system which is a product of the present constitution do not want to change it.

GEO TV channel supports Nawaz Sharif and similar forces who want to keep the status quo. Unfortunately, some of the TV anchors do not understand that constitution is there to serve the people of Pakistan not the other way round.

Some of our political leaders also due to their personal interests they support the status quo. Others due to their ignorance.

Now you can see where the present political movements stand and where Imran Khan wants take Pakistan.

It is a long journey but if the determination is there caravan can reach to its destination.

On 14 August 2014 A Message To Our Leaders

Pakistan FlagThe river never drinks its own water.
The tree never tastes its own fruit.
The field never consumes its own harvest.

They selflessly strive for the well-being of all those around them. Do our leaders of today understands this.

Obviously not.

Will that day come when it will happen? Yes. It is possible only when the people demand. Government or the present political system is corrupt because people of Pakistan tolerate. If the nation does not accept  the prevailing situation of corruption there is no way it will continue.

The basic problem is the people of Pakistan think that this is the responsibility of their leaders to change their conditions for the better. And the leaders have decided to use the national resources for their person benefit. All politicians are agreed among themselves so nothing will happen anything good for the people.

Javed Hashmi – Sick Oldman

Makhdoom Javed Hashmi
Javed Hashmi is a dead horse. Imran Khan should know better, he should not ride the dead horse. Javed Hashmi had his time. Now he is miss-fit in any political party. He will continue to change political parties depending on his mood and not based on any principle. Why he left Nawaz League? If you know the answer you can predict his future action. Simply because Nawaz Sharif did not include him in his inner circle. Though Javed Hashmi held the fort for Nawaz Sharif in his absence in Pakistan. That is the way Nawaz Sharif is. That is the way Javed Hashmi is.

Nawaz Sharif’s Speech What Next?

Agitation and bloodshed.
More Bloodshed.
People will strike back. More arrests.

Apparently it seems this cycle will continue at least for some time. On 14th August Nawaz League may be able to stop the people reaching Islamabad but that would be their short sighted thinking this matter will go away.

Who will be responsible for all this destruction.

Obviously Nawaz Sharif and his younger brother Shahbaz Sharif and of course his advisors. The main participants for this turmoil are besides Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif, Khawaja Saad Rafiq, Pervaiz Rasheed, Khawaja Asif, Talal Chaudary, Sadiq al Farooq, Rana Mashhood and the rest of his kitchen cabinet. Lately Ahsan Iqbal also jumped in to fuel the fire.

The interesting thing is Interior Minister is absent from the scene. He is also another flamboyant character.

The present situation is the result of political immaturity and lack of wisdom of Sharif government. He will pay the price of this bloodshed.

PPP is supporting Nawaz Sharif’s government because they are also the beneficiaries of the present corrupt political system which brought Nawaz League into power.

Will the Third Force intervene?

I don’t think so.

Reason, they will give the politicians every chance to solve the political issues themselves. They will wait and see.

The morning of 14th of August is not going to bring any good news for the nation.