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Badam Zari of FATA


Badam Zari is a house wife in a remote area Arang of FATA. She has submitted her nomination papers for standing in the elections for national parliament. We salute Badam Zari for her courage to come out and fight for the people of FATA. That is the type of people we need to come out. Obviously, she will face a lot of hurdles but this is the responsibility of our media and political leadership to give her full support. We particularly expect Imran Khan (PTI) to at least give her full moral support and help her to get elected. She is the real person for real cause. Our media goes for hype like they created hype for Malala.

What Malala has done for the country or for the people of her area other than getting a couple of gun shots from Taliban. There are thousands of people who were killed by Taliban nobody talked about that. Unfortunately, our TV Channels are more interested in making money by doing anything which increases their viewership.
Badam Zari is the woman who needs our support.

Next parliament must gave the FATA a separate provincial status so that they have their own assembly to solve their own problem.

Stop ruling them. Let them rule themselves. That is the only way forward for the progress of these remote and unfortunately backward areas.

Nomination Papers Submittal Date Extended

Nomination Papers Submittal Date Extended

Today March 31, 2013 is the last date to submit the nomination papers for 2013 elections. This date was extended for two days from the previous date. General impression is this was done to give the chance to prospective contenders to get the bills and dues cleared before submitting their nomination papers. This may be correct.

But the insiders say this was done to facilitate the political parties to give them more time to decide about their candidate to submit their papers from which constituency.

Would you call this is a fair practice? Absolutely NOT.

Do the political parties have any influence on the working of Election Commission? What does it show you.

Did any political party or anybody for that matter asked to assign more days for scrutinizing the eligibility of contenders except Dr. Tahirul Qadri. He went to Supreme Court also to get this thing implemented but Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudary, Chief Justice did not like his idea and through him out the Court.
Pakistan Zindabad. Aiy Qaud-e-Azam tera ahsaan hey ahsaan.

Breaking News – Najam Sethi Asked Nawaz Sharif for PMLN Ticket


Can Najam Sethi be a neutral care-taker Chief Minister of Punjab?
Do Najam Sethi supports PMNL’s Agenda?
This is a breaking news released by one his own professional colleague.

Shaheen Sehbai of Jang newspaper stated in a program ‘Sawal Yeh Hey’ at ARY News channel that Najam Sethi and his wife met Nawas Sharif three times to get PMLN ticket to stand in the upcoming elections. Nawaz Sharif did not think Najam Sethi is electable so he refused to give him the party ticket for election.

When Zardari learned about that he proposed Najam Sethi’s name as care taker chief minister. Now Nawaz Sharif was facing a dilemma. He knew Najam Sethi is pro PML-N but in his opinion Najam Sethi is not electable. So he accepted Najam Sethi’s name as care taker chief minister. Probably Zardari thought Najam Sethi may be pro PML-N but he is wise enough not favor him for future reputation. Zardari may have offered him some future position. We don’t know.
Another thing is very strange. Najam Sethi is more like a secular minded person how he went to Nawaz Sharif to get a PMlN ticket when PMLN is purely a rightest party. Nawaz Sharif has condemned suicide bombs attacks but he never condemned Taliban even they have accepted the responsibility.

The question is, does Najam Sethi supports now Nawaz Sharif’s rightest agenda. Only Najam Sethi can answer this question. Irfan Siddiqui another columnist who writes a column in Jang newspaper he has mentioned in his column, his son who is a banker in Dubai stated his observation that Najam Sethi has shown more balanced or neutral view point towards political parties in his TV program.
Was there something cooking behind the scene which we did not know? For sure.

Or did Zardari sent Najam Sethi to Nawaz Sharif to ask for PMLN ticket. We don’t know but may be.
What do you think. Speak up your mind and write your comments please.

Will The Elections Take Place – Asks Fakharuddin G. Ibrahim


Shaheen Sehbai of Jang Newspaper stated in a TV program ‘Sawal Yeh Hey’ at ARY News channel that there was a function in Karachi where Najam Sethi was also a speaker. After the speech there was a time for questions and answers. A person stood up and asked a question to Najam Sethi, what do you think, were there going to
be elections in Pakistan?

Do you know who was that person?

That person was Fakharuddin G. Ibrahim, Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan. The person who is responsible to manage and conduct the elections in Pakistan. And he is asking other people what they think whether the elections will take place or not.

Do you think this 87 years old person is capable to conduct the elections and have the stamina to do such strenuous job? He may be an honest person but is he capable (mental as well as physical) to do this job. This may be another conclusion (muk muka) among the major parties that appoint a person who is honest so nobody says anything against him but physically weak so he cannot conduct the elections professionally.

To whom you will blame for this? Nawaz Sharif, Zardari or political system. Write your comments and let the other readers know about your view point.

Pervez Musharraf Returns Home After Five Years


Finally, Pervez Musharraf decided to return to his home country after a five year self imposed exile in United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. Will he be able to run his election campaign? Rather, I think we should ask will ‘they’ allow him to run for election?

In a couple of days situation will be more clear but if you ask this question today then answer is Nawaz Sharif has the money and Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudary has the animosity and power to take the revenge. That is the answer. This is the way politics is played in Pakistan.