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Nawaz Sharif Sympathizes with Americans of Pakistani Origin


After watching the news of devastation caused by the super storm Sandy in the USA, Nawaz Sharif head of PLMN told to Americans of Pakistani origin that they should not consider themselves alone at this time of stress. PMLN is with them. He advised them to contact Pakistan Embassy in Washington, DC.

Do the Americans of Pakistani origins need any sympathy or help from Nawaz Sharif or from Pakistan Embassy? Do they care of Nawaz Sharif’s message?

The leader who did not bother to go to Sindh and other parts of the country to offer any form of material help to people there when they were badly affected by torrential rains and flood what he can do for the people living ten thousand miles away in the US. And what Pakistan Embassy is going to do for the families back home in Pakistan when there is no electricity and phones and Internet is not working.

Our leaders are always looking for an opportunity to play politics. American government is there to take care of all the Americans and not only Americans of Pakistani origin.
If Nawaz Sharif really have something to say send a letter of condolence to the families who have lost their lives and show some concern with the government of the United States of America. But do they care of Nawaz Sharif’s message?

Chief Justice Becomes Upset Because His Flight Delayed


Today Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudary became upset when his flight from Lahore to Karachi was late at Lahore airport. He called PIA officials and yelled at them.
Should he have done that?

Should PIA officials have presented to him?

The answer to both of these questions is NO.

PIA officials are not accountable to him so they should not have presented to him. Just because he is Chief Justice he cannot start yelling at anybody he likes. If he has any complaint he should have taken proper channel and report to this thing. He is not PIA’s boss. On the other hand PIA definitely don’t have very laudable record of flight punctuality but that does not mean any person in high position start giving hard time to employees particularly Chief Justice.

He also said, as reported in the news, if he is upset what about other people. It seems our Chief Justice have just landed today in Pakistan and he don’t know the condition of PIA.
Why doesn’t he take a suo moto action against PIA chief executive or better yet against Defense Minister since PIA falls under his responsibility?

Altaf Hussain’s Referendum

Altaf Hussain’s Referendum

An interview of Altaf Hussain was broadcast yesterday on a TV channel.  There was nothing impressive nor did it show any political wisdom. However, today MQM issued a statement that there should be a referendum as Altaf Hussain wanted people of Pakistan to determine whether they want Qaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan or Pakistan which Taliban wanted.

Let us assume there is a referendum and majority of the people wanted Qaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan. Then what Altaf Hussain is going to do and what conclusion he wants to draw. And if the result is opposite then what conclusion he will reach and what policies he will change since MQM claims now as a national political party.
This is just a political gimmick of no value to nation and no value in support of democratic system in Pakistan. In fact this is an indication Altaf Hussain has nothing to say.
Now the question is, what is the purpose of elections? That is the way for people to vote and decide which political parties want Qaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan and which political parties want to implement Islam of their definition.

If Altaf Hussain has told the people who in his opinion wants to follow Qaid-e-Azam’s philosophy and who is not then maybe we can say he is serving a purpose.

Now let see what MQM is doing. MQM is collaborating with that political party who laid the foundation of religious hatred by involving the State into religious things and start defining who is Muslim and who is not. Did Qaid-e-Azam say the State will decide who is Muslaim and who is not. Is the present constitution of Pakistan fulfills Qaid-e-Azam’s dreams? If not then Altaf Hussain should start working on that issue.  If a ruling party can define the definition of Muslim then why other people cannot define Islam. So Taliban is the net result of Pakistani State’s involvement in religious affairs. The State should not have anything to do with the religion in general or Islam in specific.

Fakharuddin G. Ibrahim Said


Muslim is killing Muslim on the name of Islam in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Fakharuddin G. Ibrahim said in a interview the other on PTV network. I think it is something Pakistani nation needs to pay attention.