Chief Justice Becomes Upset Because His Flight Delayed


Today Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudary became upset when his flight from Lahore to Karachi was late at Lahore airport. He called PIA officials and yelled at them.
Should he have done that?

Should PIA officials have presented to him?

The answer to both of these questions is NO.

PIA officials are not accountable to him so they should not have presented to him. Just because he is Chief Justice he cannot start yelling at anybody he likes. If he has any complaint he should have taken proper channel and report to this thing. He is not PIA’s boss. On the other hand PIA definitely don’t have very laudable record of flight punctuality but that does not mean any person in high position start giving hard time to employees particularly Chief Justice.

He also said, as reported in the news, if he is upset what about other people. It seems our Chief Justice have just landed today in Pakistan and he don’t know the condition of PIA.
Why doesn’t he take a suo moto action against PIA chief executive or better yet against Defense Minister since PIA falls under his responsibility?