New Email Spam


You must have received and heard about emails telling you that millions of dollars are available to be transferred out of Nigeria or any other African country. And the sender seeks your help to transfer that money on your name and promise to share the wealth with you.

Then you know all those emails of airline accidents, sick with cancer lying on the death bed and they have no siblings etc. So they want to give you that money. Funny thing is that, always that money is in millions. Nothing less.

Now a new trend is appearing in these spam emails. And that is money left in Dubai. The subject is the same about money but the story will go something like this that the writer has run away from Dubai because the police wanted to catch him only because his name and somebody else’s name were matching. The other person owed money to banks etc. and blah, blah. The email sender has left millions of Dubai Dirhams there in the bank account. So he needs you help. Rest of the story you know it.

Spam is really is big problem. If you have found any effective way to deal with this thing please share with the readers of this website.