Highest Security For Former President Pervez Musharraf


Interior Ministry has issued very strict instructions to heads of all the security agencies in Pakistan including home secretaries, frontier corps, rangers and inspector generals of all the provinces to provide foolproof security to former President Pervez Musharraf.

According to the notification issued by the Ministry, it is mandatory to provide optimum security to the former president where ever he goes. The Inspector General of the province will be responsible for his security.

A bullet proof vehicle will be provide to former president along with the security escort on evacuated roads.

Interior Ministry and security officials will stay in contact with the former president all the times.

This notification was quite unexpected. What is the reason for issuing this notification at this time is not known. Either Pervez Musharraf is not satisfied with the present security arrangements or USA has shown some concern about his security. Recently, Richard Boucher US Assistant Secretary of State visited Pakistan. There was no news that he met former president but about the security of Pervez Musharraf may have come under discussion with the government officials.

When former president resigned it was part of the arrangement that Pakistan government will provide security to former president. Further, there was an understanding that no case will be raised against Pervez Musharraf. News published in the foreign media indicated that US, UK and Saudi Arabia are guarantors of this arrangement.