Seven Persons Have Died During Doctors’ Strike


News say seven persons have died during the strike of young doctors in Punjab.

TV news anchors along with Khadim-e-Aala are blaming doctors for these deaths. What a logic.  Khadim-e-Aala has arranged to employ some new doctors. Also, they have requested Army to send some doctors to serve in the government hospitals . That is good. The question is Chief Minister did not know that due to doctors’ strike some unpleasant incidents like deaths will happen.  Then why he did not put his action plan into motion immediately. Why he is blaming doctors now of these deaths.

A case has also been registered against doctors for death of a child. We don’t know any doctor is named in the FIR or doctors as a group are assigned for this death. Let us see the action and decision of the court on this issue. That would be interesting to note.

One Person Has Been Arrested After The Bomb Blasts

Superintendent of Police stated in Islamabad that one person has been arrested after the two suicide bomb blasts in International Islamic University in Islamabad. These two suicide attacks were launched 10 seconds apart. The first one was in the university’s cafeteria while the other one was in the Shariah Department of the university.

Two bombs were defused in Peshawar near a girls high school.