Visitors To Pakistan Forum – Top 10 Countries


Following are the top 10 countries from the visitors come to Pakistan Forum website.

United States.
United Kingdom.
United Arab Emirates.
Saudi Arabia.
Russian Federation.

Welcome To Pakistan Forum

Pakistan Forum is an independent entity and does not belong to any political or religious party, government or non-government organization (NGO). Pakistan Forum does not support or favor any particular political or religious view or philosophy.

Primary purpose of this Forum is to provide a place where people can discuss and talk about political, economic and social issues related to Pakistan. This is the place where they can speak up their mind.

We strongly believe in collaborative journalism. What does that mean?

Almost everybody in this age of internet and digital media (100’s of TV channels) have access to news and information about events happening not only in Pakistan but all over the world which may effect Pakistan or people of Pakistan directly or indirectly.  People form their opinion on political, economic or other issues on the basis of their own analysis, commentaries they watch on TV Channels or what they read in digital (internet) or print media.

When you share your thoughts or opinion on a given issue with other people no matter where they are physically located you are participating in collaborative journalism.

In traditional journalism the correspondent of a newspaper go out and get the news. He adds his own analysis and opinion and gives it to his editor. Editor reviews it and check against the newspaper owner’s policy for his financial return. If he feels appropriate he publishes it. If not, either he will drop the news or edit it to make it ‘appropriate’. The art of news crafting is part of history now but unfortunately it is still practiced in Pakistan. That is why people read international newspapers (not all of them but select few) who have established their credibility for truth. You may agree or you may not agree with the way they see the picture but you have a view point.

Here comes the Pakistan Forum. We will publish your view point.  It is not the question of right or wrong it is the way you see things happening. That is the beauty of collaborative journalism. You can read the opinion of many people on the same subject or issue at one place. We want to make Pakistan Forum that one place.

For collaborative journalism in Pakistan we are providing the platform.

Everybody is welcome to write. You can write an article or a post on any subject of your choice and we will publish it with your name.  You can also write comments on articles or posts published here.

You can also write about the political events happening in your town, city if you are living in Pakistan or a country if you are living outside Pakistan.

This Forum can also be useful not only to share political views but also business opportunities existing anywhere in the world.

Let us make this place a real community. You are welcome to this community.