Terrorists Attacks in Mumbai


You have been listening, watching and reading for the last three days all about the horrendous attacks on four of the Mumbai locations. The effect is devastating. It is definitely some thing to condemn. You are getting all the latest news with pictures and videos from your TV channels so there is no need to go through that.

It is Friday morning in Mumbai. Indian TV channels and news websites are competing with each other to be the ‘first‘ to tell its viewers and readers something ‘new‘ irrespective of whether it is true or not. They have any evidence for that or not. All the Indian media is propagating that these terrorists came from Pakistan through two Pakistani merchant ships. Nobody gave the ship’s names so that it could be verified. Their primary aim is to create some sort of suspense and drama to keep the viewers glued to their TVs. Good for them.I think the most important thing is to find out who is behind these terrorists attacks. Who funded their operations. Unless and until we find that we can not successfully deal or eliminate with these terrorists whether they are Pakistanis or British as the Indian media is claiming. Whether they have came from Pakistan or where ever. It does not make any difference.

One of the techniques to deal with a situation when the truth is not known or there are too many variables then you use scenario planning technique.

You create possible scenarios of the situation. In this case, let us try to list some scenarios of possible supporters, origin of these attacks or simply who is behind these attacks.

1.   Pakistan’s President Zardari in an interview to Wall Street Journal of October 4, 2008 (for easy reference tenth paragraph from the top) made the following comments about Kashmiris.

He (Zardari) speaks of the militant Islamic groups operating in Kashmir as
“terrorists” — former President Musharraf would more likely have
called them “freedom fighters”.

This Mumbai attack may be sponsored by Kashmiri outfit(s) to teach a lesson to Mr. Zardari.

2.    This whole thing may have been planned by Pakistan to divert the attention of Pakistani people from domestic problems of rising food prices, energy crisis, law and order situation (terrorists in Pakistan can attack where ever they chose), economic problems, failing government with no writ in the NWFP etc.

3.    Pakistani Islamic extremists may have sponsored these attacks to show they have the power and resources to attack out side the boundaries of Pakistan and create problems for Pakistan.

4.    These attacks may have been supported by some Indian political or other entities who are fighting with the Indian government for different reasons.

5.    These attacks may have been supported by any rival political party in India to create problems for ruling Congress Party.

These are just few ideas. This is not to blame or accuse anyone. You can add your ideas to it.

The most important thing is to locate, identify and provide necessary evidence about the “sponsors”. Who provided the logistics and money. The terrorists, their nationality is not important here. It is important to the extent if they have used the territory of Pakistan then Pakistan is part of the problem and not the solution.

Indian Prime Minister is under immense pressure to explain how this attack happened. Why intelligence agencies failed. He has blamed Pakistan with out naming it. However, Indian Foreign Minister has categorically named Pakistan.

Pakistan is in the defensive position and very weak. President Zardari has nothing to show for he has done anything to curb extreme in his own country. So far government of Pakistan could not find and arrests the perpetrators of Marriott Hotel attackers in Islamabad. That is their total ability.

What you expect anything more from Pakistan?