Will The Elections Take Place – Asks Fakharuddin G. Ibrahim


Shaheen Sehbai of Jang Newspaper stated in a TV program ‘Sawal Yeh Hey’ at ARY News channel that there was a function in Karachi where Najam Sethi was also a speaker. After the speech there was a time for questions and answers. A person stood up and asked a question to Najam Sethi, what do you think, were there going to
be elections in Pakistan?

Do you know who was that person?

That person was Fakharuddin G. Ibrahim, Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan. The person who is responsible to manage and conduct the elections in Pakistan. And he is asking other people what they think whether the elections will take place or not.

Do you think this 87 years old person is capable to conduct the elections and have the stamina to do such strenuous job? He may be an honest person but is he capable (mental as well as physical) to do this job. This may be another conclusion (muk muka) among the major parties that appoint a person who is honest so nobody says anything against him but physically weak so he cannot conduct the elections professionally.

To whom you will blame for this? Nawaz Sharif, Zardari or political system. Write your comments and let the other readers know about your view point.

NA-55 Rawalpindi Polling Results?


Balloting was closed 5:00 Pakistan Time (PST). Five minutes after the closing of the balloting GEO TV Channel has started running a news strip that Jang Group conducted a survey in NA-55 area  asking people to whom they will vote.

The question is why they have to run this survey on the balloting day. What were the motives behind this survey? By the end of they day people will know the actual results.

There is no problem conducting such surveys as such but we don’t know whether this was really a survey. This may be a paid service provided to a political party for propaganda. Let us see if some information comes out from any corner of the new arena.

The problem i see is that day before yesterday on GEO TV channel program CapitalTalk Hamid Mir invited a couple of news analyst including Irfan Siddiqui, Haroon Rasheed and one analyst from Karachi studio. Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed accused Hamid Mir that he intentionally arranged this anti Shaikh Rasheed program. Shaikh Rasheed also accused Irfan Siddiqui that he is on the payroll of Noon League.

Anybody and everybody is entitled to have his or her opinion what ever they like. The question is either TV channels should show they are neutral and they bring the news from both sides of table or openly announce the channel is a political activist channel who pays the money they will broadcast the program for them.

GEO TV Channel has played a role of political activism in the media. GEO TV has  broadcast the propaganda against Pervaiz Musharraf and now a days against Asif Ali Zardari. Sharif Brothers are not angles but GEO did not say anything about their activities when Noon League was in power and his running away from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia. NRO also made it possible for Sharifs to come back to Pakistan. Now they say they are anti-NRO.

Do GEO get the money from political parties to run the program for or against their opponents.
We don’t know.

This is a big question and very disturbing.