Dr. Afia Siddique?


There is a lot of news about Dr. Afia Siddiqee now a days in the news papers. She is a US citizen. Her sister Dr. Arifa Siddique conducted a press conference in Pakistan and asking for the release of Afia Siddique.

Dr. Afia Siddique was captured by the US forces in Afghanistan probably few years earlier.

But nobody is telling us;

Who is this Dr. Afia?
What she was doing in Afghanistan?
When she went to Afghanistan?
Why she went to Afghanistan?
Why nobody raised any voice earlier?
She has any involvement with Taliban?
Is she a relative of any politician in the present regime?

At the highest level government of Pakistan trying to get her out of the jail in the US. Why? Today Pakistani Foreign Minister said government is trying to bring her back to Pakistan. If she is a US citizen why government of Pakistan wants her in Pakistan.

These are the obvious questions arising out of all this Dr. Afia drama.

Anybody knows anything about her. Please fill us up.