Saulat Mirza is Going to be Hanged on May 12, 2015?

We don’t know.

Chaudary Nisar is quoted as saying that JIT (Joint Investigation Team) report has been completed and there is no further need of his statement.

Should we believe him? We don’t know either.

If ISPR has made this statement it will be more credible. Earlier it was stated that Saulat Mirza has said again the same things he said earlier in a video. PPP, PMLN and MQM, their leadship and supporter TV anchors started raising this question how and when this video was filmed of a convicted person.

Saulat Mirza’s connection with MQM has been well demonstrated in the TV news and talk shows. Nobody, as of today, has said what about those people who were behind this murder who gave the instructions and who wanted to get this murder done. Nobody said the action should be taken against those people.

MQM would definitely like Saulat Mirza be hanged as soon as poosible so that if anything comes up after his death then it would not be possible to substaniate with his statement in the court.

How MQM’s desire can be fullfilled? Asif Zaradri is there. Asif Zardari is a staunch supported of MQM. If you remember he is one those leaders who condemned the Rangers’s raid on 90, MQM’s headquarter in Pakistan. You know what Rangers found over there. No need to repeat that. In other words, can we say Asif Zardari is supporter of crimanls? You make your decision.

Saulat Mirza’s wife filed a petition in Sind High Court that his case should be re-open and the people who were behind this murder case also be punished.  The court has dismissed her petition.

Asif Zardari can persuade Nawaz Sharif to get this thing done as soon as possible. That soon may be May 12, 2015.

Zardari and Nawaz Sharif are the two sides of the same coin. Shaikh Rasheed (Pakistan Awami League) once said they are both insurnce policy of each other. When Imran Khan’s dharna was in session in Islamabad Zaradri sent a loud message to Nawaz Sharif “be careful lest we both end up in jail”, these were Zaradri’s words.

In this situation to whom you will trust.

One thing we want to clearily Saulat Mirza should get the punshiment of his deed but the people behind this nurder also be punished with the same force.

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President Asif Ali Zardari and His Affiliation with Pakistan Peoples Party

President Asif Ali Zardari and His Affiliation
Yesterday an interview of Asif Ali Zardari with senior correspondants of TV channels was broadcasted. This interview was given by him as President of Pakistan. He may be sitting in his home Bilawal House which was declared as President House. On one side was the flag of Pakistan and on the other side was President’s standard. So this was purely office of the President of Pakistan.
But at the background on the wall there was a big size portrait of late Benazir Bhutto. No president of any country display his wife’s picture where actually the picture of Muhammad Ali Jinnah should have been there.

Basically, he protrayted her as the founder of the Pakistan.

Is it legal and constitutional?
I did not see any of the correspondents raised any question about that.Next day, I did not see anything in the newspapers also.
Did chief justice saw that? He is very fond of taking suo motto.

Obviously, he was promoting PPP while sitting in the President House. A case is pending in the Lahore High Court about Asif Ali Zardari should surrender his position as co-chairperson of the PPP. They could not do it during the last five years. Few months ago he did resigned from that position at his own choice. So called free judiciary could not do anything. But he has still made President House as PPP House.

Did any political party raised any question about that.  I have not seen any statement or heard anything.

Leaders of Nawaz League, namely Khawaja Asif was saying yesterday we will not allow anybody to do anything against constitution of Pakistan. We will have to assume in his eyes displaying Benazir Bhutto’s picture in place of Qaud-e-Azam is according to constitution of Pakistan.

The nation which in immune and does not care about their history, unfortunately history also does not care about them.

US$ 60 Million Money Laundering Case against Asif Ali Zardari in Swiss Court

Money Laundering Case

Letter to Swiss Authorities Has Been Sent to Bern. Will This Letter Re-Open the Case?

The Answer is No.

The letter which was supposed to be sent to Swiss Court according to Pakistan’s Supreme Court’s instructions has been reached to Pakistan Embassy in Bern and most probably will be delivered on Thursday to Swiss Authorities.

Is there anything going to change?


This is just paper compliance to Supreme Court’s instruction.  PPP released very late after sacrificing one prime minister, Yousaf Raza Gillani that the letter will not re-open the case so there is no harm in writing and sending the letter.

The lawyers familiar with the Swiss Court system including the attorney who was representing the government of Pakistan in this case earlier said until the  case is ‘actively pursued’ in a Pakistani court, Swiss Authorities will not take any action to reopen the case. Then the question is why this boo ha ha. Simply because PPP’s legal team did not know or familiar with the Swiss legal system.  Many Pakistani attorneys mentioned this fact on different TV discussions. PPP’s whole thrust was on the point that president has immunity against any case in the courts inside or outside of the country. But Aitzaz Hassan was not willing to contest this point in the Supreme Court. The result is evident now. But it seems he was afraid Zardari’s election to president may be challenged because there is a money laundering case against him. This was the responsibility of Nawaz Sharif to take up this point but he is neither able nor capable to do that.

That raised the belief that PPP and PMLN have agreed in principle that they will not go against each other. Essentially that was the essence of so called ‘Declaration of Democracy’ commonly known as ‘Misake Jumhooriate’ between Benazir Bhutto of PPP and Nawaz Sharif of PMLN.

Can The President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari Be Prosecuted?


Aitzaz Ahsan and some other people who call themselves experts say that president Asif Ali Zardari can not be prosecuted while he is in the office.

It may be right, it may not be right. That is not the question.
The question is there are all indications and many people who are in the know said very openly that there were solid evidences against in the money laundering case in UK, SGS bribery case in Switzerland and misconduct in the food for oil case in Spain. So after that did Asif Ali Zardari has any moral ground to hold such a high office?

These were the cases which were outside Pakistan. There were many cases within Pakistan. A long list of those allegations are listed in the NRO List issued by the PPP government.

Meeting of Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif


Today both of these leaders are going to meet.

Agenda: For the meeting – nothing. Both have hidden agendas.

Purpose: Zardari wants Nawaz Sharif’s support to get the NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) passed in the parliament and senate to legitimize all the wrong doings (mostly financial) of the politicians. Politicians of both parties are beneficiaries of this bill. At that time Benzir Butto was in the picture as main beneficiary. After her death Asif Ali Zardari got the benefit of his wife plus his own share. So he got double benefit.

A case against NRO is already in the Supreme Court. Zardari is afraid of Iftikhar Mohd Chaudary he may give the decision against NRO then the whole structure of present civil government will collapse, a big problem for PPP. PPP don’t have the capability to survive this shock.

Nawaz Sharif captured this an opportunity to pressurize Zardari to accept his agenda. Nawaz Sharif thinks if the case stays in the Supreme Court he would get a favorable decision that will go against Zardari. So Nawaz Sharif insists the NRO should not be presented to Parliament and Senate. On the other hand Zardari believes he will get the NRO god fathered easily (comparatively) in the parliament. So both leaders have their own agendas.

There is a third stack holder in this equation. That is USA, the main proponent of NRO. When the Pakistani media excited the people against Pervaiz Musharraf and created panic among the Pakistanis. There were some charges against Iftikhar Mohd Chaudary. So he started taking revenge by running his own government within a government by issuing suo motto orders against the government officials. Rest is history.

America was concerned mainly about Afghanistan war and extremism in Pakistan which according to America helping Taliban in Afghanistan. This was the picture at that time.

In this back ground America came up with the solution that keep Pervaiz Musharaf as president and let all the corruption cases against Zardari and Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif family be made null and void. S.M. Zafar the other day mentioned in a TV program that besides America, UK, Saudi Arabia and UAE were involved in this NRO deal.

PPP came to power but so far have not been able to get a handle on the problems. They have a lame duck prime minister. Dead parliament. Ineffective government bureaucracy. Highest corruption. No planning. Law and order out of control. No water no electricity. Extremists are running the country. Zardari has all the powers but no credibility.

Now there are people within the parliament and outside the parliament (people of opinion) who believes Zardari already don’t have the credibility if the parliament rubber stamp the NRO then parliament will also lose the credibility. In any situation Nawaz Sharif and other opposition parties will get the benefit no matter what the outcome is of NRO.

But the third stack holder do care about the outcome. America knows if NRO did not go through (what ever way) the present civil government will fall apart. And there agenda to fight Taliban in Afghanistan will suffer.

When all this turmoil was going on here in Pakistan, Kerry-Lugar bill got approved. Earlier it was Biden-Lugar bill but when Biden became vice president John Kerry took over as replacement proponent. First time in the history of Pakistan Army openly criticized a civil government on accepting such a deal. To cool the matters down John Kerry came to Pakistan and he had meetings with Army Chief and Chief of Army Staff. He also met Nawaz Sharif and only as a courtesy he also met president and prime minister. But his main target were Army Chief and Nawaz Sharif to mustard the support for Zardari.

Next week Hillary Clinton is visiting Pakistan. Main purpose is to put pressure on political actors to concentrate on American agenda of Afghanistan war rather than get tangled in NRO and related issues. So what I think is NRO will go to back burner for the time being.

There is a news that within the Parliament Committee which is reviewing the NRO bill majority of the members do not approve the bill. So the rumor says that Zardari/Yousaf are planning to change the members of the Committee.