Sharif Mafia Case – What Will Happen Today in NAB Court?

What will happen today (Friday November 3, 2017) in the National Accountability Court (NAB)

Short answer is nothing.

Why, because we believe there is an understanding rather collusion between the Islamabad High Court (IHC) and NAB to give every possible relief to Sharif Mafia, if nothing else at least delay the case

Nawaz Sharif filed a case in IHC asking to combine his three cases in NAB court to one. IHC agree and asked NAB to do it. In fact all the three cases are different. But if a high court wants to favor some one it can do it and IHC has done its obligation to Sharif Mafia. On Thursday (November 2, 2017) IHC announced short order about this case. What will be its’ implication on today’s proceedings in NAB court we will talk about in a minute.

NAB rules and regulations allow under Rule 17 to indict a person in his absence if he represent himself by a nominee. Nawaz Sharif did that and NAB court indicted Nawaz Sharif through his representative on October 19, 2017. At that time Sharif Mafia’s attorneys did not raise any question meaning accepted this action of NAB but now IHC has cancelled that NAB court’s this action. It means Nawaz Sharif is not indicted yet.

Here is what all this means.

Nawaz Sharif’s attorney is going to say since we have not received the detailed judgement of IHC therefore we request for another date. If Judge Muhammad Bashir showed some action he may indict Nawaz Sharif in his presence today. That is also possible if Sharif Mafia did not bring their miscreants to disturb the court proceedings and Judge Muhammad Bashir wants to do that. Sharif Mafia’s goal would be indictment should not take place.

Purpose of all these things is to delay the case. If Nawaz Sahrif is not indicted he will leave the country and the case may stop. That is exactly what Sharif Mafia wants and NAB and IHC are abetter in this regard to Sharif Mafia.

Let us see what happen in the NAB Court.


Sharif Mafia Case - What Will Happen Today in NAB Court?
Sharif Mafia Case - What Will Happen Today in NAB Court?

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