Rangers’ Deployment During Elections for NA-246 Seat

Imran Khan has demanded Rangers should be assigned for NA-246 elections. During previous elections Rangers were deployed but outside of the polling booths. Until and unless Rangers are assigned inside the polling booths fairness of election and voting cannot be guaranteed because the ‘stamping and stuffing’, is done inside the booths. All political parties except Pakistan Peoples Party have raised such concerns of MQM stuffing the ballot boxes. In fact during the last election while the polling was still going on Jamaat-e-Islami announced boycott of the elections when Election Commission of Pakistan could not stop the interference of MQM in stuffing the ballot boxes.

What Election Commission of Pakistan is going to do different this time. We will have to wait and see for their announcement. But Imran Khan, PTI and Imran Ismail (PTI’s candidate) should demand very forcefully for the deployment of Rangers inside the polling booths.

Rangers' Deployment During Elections for NA-246 Seat
Rangers' Deployment During Elections for NA-246 Seat

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