Who is Ruling Pakistan, Taliban or Pakistan Peoples Party?


You have already heard the devastating news of two suicide bomb attacks in Islamic University of Islamabad today. So far 4 dead and 25 are injured. After this incident, all the schools, colleges and universities in the Province of Punjab, Sind and NWFP have been closed. May be the institutions are also closed in Baluchistan but I have not seen the news tape about that.  So the Government is so helpless or afraid of these Islamic or religious extremists that they have closed all the educational institutions. Extremists have shown their ability to chose their target and attack at their will. Government has shown their helplessness and have surrendered to the extremists. We as citizens of … [Continue reading]

One Person Has Been Arrested After The Bomb Blasts


Superintendent of Police stated in Islamabad that one person has been arrested after the two suicide bomb blasts in International Islamic University in Islamabad. These two suicide attacks were launched 10 seconds apart. The first one was in the university's cafeteria while the other one was in the Shariah Department of the university. Two bombs were defused in Peshawar near a girls high school. … [Continue reading]

Jobs in The Arabian Gulf Countries


Here is a website of a head hunter company who search and advertise jobs (mostly professionals) for their customer companies in the Arabian Gulf countries. Here is the website: www.gulfconnexions.com. Good luck! if you are looking for a job in the Arabian Gulf countries. … [Continue reading]

Top Jobs in Demand and Comparatively Safe


Yahoo Education has published some information about the in-demand and comparatively safe jobs in the US. Now this information may not be 100 percent applicable in Pakistan or South Asia but it can tell you the wind direction. You can read the article at this link. … [Continue reading]

Kerry-Lugar Bill For Financial Aid to Pakistan 2009-2013


The United State's Senate  approved legislation on Sept. 24 to triple non-military aid to Pakistan to about $1.5 billion a year for the next five years, 2009-2013. However, some conditions are attached to this aid. This bill was authored by Senators John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, and Richard Lugar, Republican of Indiana. Discussion on this bill will continue for some time in the press and media. Instead of depending on the newspapers and politicians what they tell you you should read the document (the bill) by yourself and make your own decisions. The document is a little long but it would be worth reading to know the truth. This is the text of the bill as it was approved by the … [Continue reading]

Job Openings


There are many job websites on the internet. And the prospective candidates must be looking into their listings.  However, if we came across any opening for jobs we will list here. We will cover jobs which are available outside Pakistan and mainly in Arabian Gulf countries. So here are some jobs listed on Bapco's website. The Bapco is the national oil company of Bahrain. Job lisitng is available at this link. Click this link. … [Continue reading]

Pervaiz Musharraf is Coming Back to Form His Own Political Party


This is the news or rumour what ever you call it. Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari disclosed last week that Pervaiz Musharraf resigned from presidentship as part of a deal. That has created a storm in Pakistani politcal arena. What Zardari has disclosed if it is true then one thing is sure that Saudi Arabia and America are among the guarantors of this deal. Now a days Nawaz Sharif is in Saudi Arabia and he has met King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Earlier Pervaiz Musharraf met the King a couple of weeks ago. It is hard to believe that Nawaz Sharif and other politicians of  Pakistan were not aware of this deal. Nawaz Sharif must have known about this deal since he is quite close to the … [Continue reading]

Suicide Trainee Bombers Captured Along With Weapons in Swat Valley

Suicide Trainee

Pakistan security forces have captured 14 vehicles with 35,000 kilograms of explosive material along with other military hardware in Swat Valley today July 27, 2009. Operational commander has also claimed arrest of nine people and several children trained for suicide bombing attacks. This news is reported by Dawn. I think the important information which is missing from this news item is, what was make and origin of those vehicles, military hardware and explosives. Who were the people, what was their nationality. Capturing of this stuff and people is half the story. The concerned authorities should update the nation with full information. In fact they should show all the stuff on TV … [Continue reading]

Visitors To Pakistan Forum – Top 10 Countries


Following are the top 10 countries from the visitors come to Pakistan Forum website. Pakistan. United States. United Kingdom. India. Canada. Spain. United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia. Australia. Russian Federation. … [Continue reading]

Osama Bin Laden is in Kunar, Afghanistan – Rehman Malik, Interior Minister


Rehman Malik, Interior Minister of Pakistan said Osama Bin Laden and other top Al Qaeda leaders are currently hiding in Afghanistan most probably in the Kunar area. He further said that the Pakistan military must have found him and his colleagues during its military operations if he was there in Pakistan. This news is released by Press Trust of India. Great! Clinton to Bush to Mushraff to Obama all said the same thing with a little variation of the words. So what is new he is telling us. If he knows with that much confidence that Bin Laden is in Kunar why don't he tell his US friends and collect the bounty. Another question to Rehman Malik is why you could not find Baitullah Mehsood … [Continue reading]

Weekly News Wrap-Up


This would be a new feature we are introducing and will try to maintain it. We will briefly cover daily news but instead of posting them everyday we will compile them together on weekly basis. Basically, we intend to cover only news from Pakistan but if there are news from outside of Pakistan which may effect Pakistan, we would also include those news items. We need volunteer to compile these news if you are interested, please send an email with your resume to pakistanforum@gmail.com. If selected Weekly Wrap-Up will be published with your name. … [Continue reading]

India Blamed Pakistan Protecting Militants’ Satellite Phones


Today Indian Express has published a statement of Indian government that they have found evidence that Pakistan has set up an electronic infrastructer to protect Thuraya satellite phones used by Pakistani militants targeting India. According to Indian sources transmitters have been found along the Line of Control and Pakistan-Indian border which obscure the signals originating from the phones. Indian believe it could not exist without the implicit support of Pakistani government. This allegation has come just a week before the the meeting of Foreign Secretaries of India and Pakistan to discuss steps Islamabad has taken to curb the terrorism directed against India. Is Pakistan involved … [Continue reading]

Displaced People From Swat


People who are displaced from Swat due to military operation have been brought by the bus load to Karachi. Why they were brought to Karachi?  Like many other people I asked the same question to myself. During the Afghan/Russian war all the displaced people were inhabited within the NWFP. Why this time when the displaced people were much lower in  numbers were transported to Karachi. It seems it was preplanned with a hidden agenda. I can think there were three motives behind this move. Political. Pakistan Peoples Party wants to reduce the power of MQM in Karachi by … [Continue reading]

Most Expensive Electricity in The World


Today news have appeared in the local newspapers that with the recent purposed increase of Rs. 2.50 per unit will make electricity most expensive the world. This is another deed of people's government. Has anybody raised any voice against this increase? I have seen protest statements only from Karachi merchants and Jam Madad Ali, leader of the opposition in Sindh assembly. People of Karachi expect MQM to take strong stand on this issue. If you go to low income areas of Karachi you would see a web of wires in the streets above your head. All these wires are running illegally from the distribution poles to people's homes. In local language it is called kunda system. The question is, why … [Continue reading]

How Much Afghan Governemnt Has Control Over Afghanistan


Helmand is the most violent province in Afghanistan. The governor of Helmand province, Gulab Mangal said the government controls only 8 of the 13 districts in the province. The districts where government has no control, three districts are in the north of the province, and two in the south. NATO security forces are planning to regain the control of these areas. That tells you how much NATO and allied forces are successful over there. … [Continue reading]