Why Peoples Party Wants to Save Shafqat Hussain on The Death Row

Sind government in Pakistan has requested president of Pakistan to review and commute the death sentence of Shafqat Hussain. The question is why Sind government is doing this favor to a murderer. The reason Sind government gave is that he was minor when he committed this crime. Are we saying a minor is allowed to kill anybody. That is the law in Pakistan. By the way Shafqat Hussain kidnapped a small boy for ransom and in the absence of payment he killed the boy. The question is when the case was the in court why the Sind government did not present this argument in the court.. Obviously the court knew his age and still passed the judgement of death sentence. That shows the moral … [Continue reading]

Qaim Ali Shah on Nine Zero Operation – Yesterday and Today

Yesterday Qaim Ali Shah Chief Minister of Sind condemned Rangers' Operation on MQM Headquarter along with his boss Asif Ali Zardari, co-chairman of PPP and senator Rahman Malik and PPP's chief wheeler dealer with MQM. But today he praised Rangers for their successful operation. That is how our politicians are. Yesterday, probably he could not see the wind direction. … [Continue reading]

Kashmir Issue Should be Resolved Before India Admitted to Security Council – Pervez Rasheed

pervez rasheed

Pervez Rasheed, Federal Minister for Information made a statement that India should resolve Kashmir issue before she is admitted into the Security Council for a permanent seat. He was addressing in a seminar on Kashmir arranged by Express Media Group. I am not sure Pervez Rasheed is Kashmiri or not but definitely the person who has that much knowledge about the Kashmir issue and the world how much he can contribution to the cause of Kashmir. Basically his job has been to release statements or arrange press conferences against Imran Khan, PTI Chief. It seems Nawaz Sharif has given him only this job depending on his capabilities to lie and make propaganda against Imran Khan. That is all he … [Continue reading]

Doctrine of Necessity

Today 21st amendment in the Constitution was approved by the National Assembly and the Senate to establish military courts. It was against the constitution to establish a parallel judicial system. So to establish military courts was declared a necessity of the time. That proved the validity of the Doctrine of Necessity. Where are those people today who were telling us Doctrine of Necessity has been buried once and for all. They were voting in favor of military courts today. Aitzaz Hassan, Ali Ahmed Kurd, Hamid Khan, Asma Jehangir and many others including TV anchors and so called experts and political analysts besides the politicians who were posing themselves as champion of democracy … [Continue reading]

Military Courts, Supreme Court and Maulana Fazalur Rahman

JUI, Fazalur Rahman, maulana fazalur rahman

Maulana Fazalur Rahman has proposed that in 21st amendment of the constitution provisions should be made that decisions of the military courts can be appealed in the supreme court. This is equal to negating the efforts of military courts. If the supreme court is able to do something worth while then we will not need the proposed military courts. Nawaz Sharif has tried to pacify Asif Zardari and Altaf Hussain by including the clause that central government will decide which case should be referred to military courts. They bought the idea since it is for two years and hopefully situation will not arise against them. But Maulana Fazalur Rahman will not buy this assurance since the people … [Continue reading]

Chaudary Shujat Hussain Supports Madrassas

Talking to Hanif Jalandri, general secretary of Wafaq al Madaras over the phone Chaudary Shujat Hussain (PMLQ) said relgious schools commonly knows as madarassas are not doing anything wrong and he support their existence. The question for Chaudary Shujat Hussain is the Talibans and Jihadies where they got their training of Jihad and who taught them the definition of evil they are fighting now. What Maulana Samiul Haq (Madrassa Haqaniya) and Maulana Fazal ur Rahman along with others teaching them in their madrassas. Chaudary Shujat Hussain had backing of religious parties in parliament elections so he wants to have good relations with for future political maneuvers . … [Continue reading]

Nawaz Sharif’s Definition of National Unity

nawaz sharif

You have heard hundreds of time in a days on TV channels and in read in newspapers from political leaders and prime minister Nawaz Sharif that we need the whole nation be united against terrorists. How much Nawaz Sharif is committed to eliminate terrorism we will talk about that at some other time. Nawaz Sharif's definition of nation's unity means don't say anything against the poor performance of his government and don't talk about 2013 votes rigging. What wonderful approach Nawaz Sharif' has about the national unity. … [Continue reading]