Did Money Work In Lahore?


Rumors say money has changed hands during elections in Punjab province to achieve the desired results. The people who support these rumors say they know for fact they and the people known to them have voted for PTI but the results went in favor of Nawaz Sharif. They claim this the magic of money. This is the responsibility of investigative journalists to find out the truth. The opposition parties should take the ball from there and go to courts and see if the courts can deliver the justice. Even if the courts do not care about that they should present the facts to the people. They will know the truth. If we want the democracy to continue then we have to do more investigative work and be … [Continue reading]

Start of Election Campaign – Nawaz Sharif’s Speech in Qasur.


Today Nawaz Sharif started his election campaign from Qasur. In his first speech he said the person who expelled him from Pakistan today he is in jail. Obviously, he was talking about Pervez Musharraf. Then he said the person who accused and charged him with terrorism today he is accused and charged with terrorism. Let us analyze these two statements. Nawaz Sharif was expelled or he made an agreement with Government of Pakistan (represented by the President of Pakistan) through King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to go in exile. Why Nawaz Sharif lies? Because he knows he can get by with it in the court of law and or election tribunal court. How he got by these lies? That is question … [Continue reading]

Blank Box on The Ballot Paper


Election Commission of Pakistan has announced that there will be a blank box without any candidate's name or election sign. The voter will have the option if he thinks none of the candidate is suitable for the job he can stamp on the blank box. That is a good move. Election Commission also said if fifty percent of the people who voted in that constituency stamped on blank box then the election will be considered void. That is also a good move. There is a need to extrapolate this practice at the national or political party level. This election is not going to change much but Dr. Tahirul Qadri has created some awareness among the voters about the corrupt politicians and political … [Continue reading]

Election Commission of Pakistan’s Miracles


According to the news appeared in the print and electronic media, Election Commission of Pakistan received 12,890 nomination papers for different positions of National and Provisional Assemblies at the close of the date and time (March 31, 2013 12:00 midnight) given for the submission. In less than 24 hours Election Commission of Pakistan announced that they have scrutinized 4,864 papers and found acceptable. Is it not a miracle? That also raises a lot of questions about the working of Election Commission of Pakistan. … [Continue reading]

Badam Zari of FATA


Badam Zari is a house wife in a remote area Arang of FATA. She has submitted her nomination papers for standing in the elections for national parliament. We salute Badam Zari for her courage to come out and fight for the people of FATA. That is the type of people we need to come out. Obviously, she will face a lot of hurdles but this is the responsibility of our media and political leadership to give her full support. We particularly expect Imran Khan (PTI) to at least give her full moral support and help her to get elected. She is the real person for real cause. Our media goes for hype like they created hype for Malala. What Malala has done for the country or for the people of her area … [Continue reading]