Suicide Trainee Bombers Captured Along With Weapons in Swat Valley

Suicide Trainee

Pakistan security forces have captured 14 vehicles with 35,000 kilograms of explosive material along with other military hardware in Swat Valley today July 27, 2009. Operational commander has also claimed arrest of nine people and several children … [Continue reading]

Visitors To Pakistan Forum – Top 10 Countries


Following are the top 10 countries from the visitors come to Pakistan Forum website. Pakistan. United States. United Kingdom. India. Canada. Spain. United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia. Australia. Russian Federation. … [Continue reading]

Osama Bin Laden is in Kunar, Afghanistan – Rehman Malik, Interior Minister


Rehman Malik, Interior Minister of Pakistan said Osama Bin Laden and other top Al Qaeda leaders are currently hiding in Afghanistan most probably in the Kunar area. He further said that the Pakistan military must have found him and his colleagues … [Continue reading]

Weekly News Wrap-Up


This would be a new feature we are introducing and will try to maintain it. We will briefly cover daily news but instead of posting them everyday we will compile them together on weekly basis. Basically, we intend to cover only news from Pakistan … [Continue reading]

India Blamed Pakistan Protecting Militants’ Satellite Phones


Today Indian Express has published a statement of Indian government that they have found evidence that Pakistan has set up an electronic infrastructer to protect Thuraya satellite phones used by Pakistani militants targeting India. According to … [Continue reading]

Displaced People From Swat


People who are displaced from Swat due to military operation have been brought by the bus load to Karachi. Why they were brought to Karachi?  Like many other people I asked the same question to myself. During the Afghan/Russian war all the … [Continue reading]

Most Expensive Electricity in The World


Today news have appeared in the local newspapers that with the recent purposed increase of Rs. 2.50 per unit will make electricity most expensive the world. This is another deed of people's government. Has anybody raised any voice against this … [Continue reading]

How Much Afghan Governemnt Has Control Over Afghanistan


Helmand is the most violent province in Afghanistan. The governor of Helmand province, Gulab Mangal said the government controls only 8 of the 13 districts in the province. The districts where government has no control, three districts are in the … [Continue reading]

Lashkar-e-Tayaba Involved in Mumbai Attacks – Pakistani Security Sources

Laskar e Tayaba Involved in Mumbai Attacks

Wall Street Journal reported today quoting Pakistani security officials that Laskar-e-Tayaba has confessed they were involved in Mumbai attacks. Last month Pakistani security police arrested Mr. Zarrar Shah a top Lashkar commander in Pakistani … [Continue reading]

President Bush in a Press Conference with Iraqi Prime Minister

President Bush in a Press Conference with Iraqi Prime Minister

I stumble upon this video of a press conference of US President with Iraqi Prime Minister. I hope you would enjoy. Stay alert action will start all of a sudden. … [Continue reading]

Terrorists Attacks in Mumbai

Terrorists Attacks in Mumbai

You have been listening, watching and reading for the last three days all about the horrendous attacks on four of the Mumbai locations. The effect is devastating. It is definitely some thing to condemn. You are getting all the latest news with … [Continue reading]

IMF Announces Staff Level Agreement with Pakistan on US$7.6 Billion Loan


Press Release No. 08/285 November 15, 2008 Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), issued the following statement on Pakistan today: "IMF staff and the Pakistani authorities have reached an … [Continue reading]

India Signed a Defence Agreement with Qatar


Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is visiting Qatar now a days. He met with Amir of Qatar Shaikh Hamad bin Khanlifa Al Thani in Doha today. They discussed bilateral relations and ways to enhance cooperation among the two countires. During this … [Continue reading]

Pakistan’s Current Reserve of Foreign Exchange


Pakistan's foreign exchange reserves are dwindling by the day while Pakistan is struggling to get some cash from outside lenders. So far has not been able to get any cash. Saudi Arabia has offered some help in the form of deferred payment for oil … [Continue reading]

A Girl is Mauled by Dogs and Later Killed on the Pretext of an Honour Killing

A girl is mauled by a dog

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AHRC-STM-274-2008 October 26, 2008 A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission In May of this year a Jirga, an illegal tribal court, was held against a girl of 17 years in which she was declared as Kari (having had an … [Continue reading]