Dunyanews Celebrated its Sixth Birthday

Last week Dunyanews celebrated its 6th birthday. Congratulation to owners and workers of the media house. The chief guest was Pervez Rashid (PMLN) federal information minister. That was shameful. Pervez Rashid is well known for his lies. In fact in one of the TV shows a well respected correspondent said he wish he could find a person who can compete with Pervez Rashid in his lies. It is up to the management of Dunyanews media house to whom they invite as chief guest but we wonder Dunyanews management thinks that high about Pervez Rashid. Obviously we are bound to think whether Dunyanews is more interested to get the advertisement from information ministry rather than keeping their … [Continue reading]

Who is Going to be the Next Chief Election Commissioner?

It does not make any difference who is going to be the next chief election commissioner. The present poor rather corrupt performance of the election commission will continue. Why? Here is the reason. When you want to construct a bridge you get a civil engineer for the job. When you need to keep a close eye on your cash flow you assign the job to an accountant. When you want to build machinery you get a mechanical engineer. When you will put an accountant in place of a civil engineer you know what will happen. Conducting election is a project management type job. You need an administrator with strong project management skills. Every professional mentioned above have necessary … [Continue reading]

Nawaz Sharif in UK to Attend the Afghanistan Conference

This is a big joke. The man who do not have the capacity and who could not deliver anything good to his own country he is going to suggest or participate in Afghanistan's betterment. What a joke. … [Continue reading]

Pakistani TV Anchors and Expert Analysts

There are three types of TV anchors and TV analysts. 1. Those anchors and analysts who talk only facts and truths. In this category you can count Mubashar Luqman (presently with ARY News), Hasan Nisar and Haroon Rasheed, both very influential and widely read columnists and analysts. 2. The anchors who are basically paid promoters of specified agendas and work for different political parties. There is quite number of anchors and analysts fall in this category. 3. The anchors who show they are neutral. So their technique is they see the wind direction. They go with the wind. Basically, they want people watch their show or program. They see if the popularity of PTI is on the rise they … [Continue reading]

Javed Hashmi’s Defeat

Javed Hashmi is defeated in Multan NA-149 by-election is not a news. This was already foregone conclusion that he is going to lose this election. The news is he got votes more than expected. He has accepted his defeat. I don't think he had any other option. He said he Read More... … [Continue reading]

Lies of Javed Hashmi

makhdoom javed hashmi

We are ashamed to say Javed Hashmi lies. Javed Hashmi said Imran Khan told him Army and judiciary is with him particularly for this Azadi March. ISPR denied this accusation. Imran Khan has already dispensed a very strong rebuttal this evening in his speech while addressing audience of sit-in in Islamabad. Imran Khan stated in the summer of 2013 after election he said to his core committee members meeting that if by next summer (summer of 2014) this rigging issues are not resolved PTI will go on road. Further he said if Army and Judiciary were behind him then General Kiyani and Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudary both have retired so how they can pass on their support to their incumbents. The … [Continue reading]

Why Police Brutally Attacked Protesters?

On TV news channels so called senior analysts were questioning why the government decided to attack these protesters who were peacefully moving towards their new sit-in place in front of prime minister house. Good question. Alas, they should know the answer if they really understand what is going on. We Read More... … [Continue reading]