Khawajah Asif on Javed Hashmi’s Statement

Khawaja Asif

Yesterday, Khawajah Asif made a speech in a gathering of his well wishers in his home town Sialkot and said it seems Javed Hashmi wants to come back into Nawaz League. A couple of days back we said the same thing that Javed Hashmi's statement about Nawaz Sharif in the parliament seems to be an indication that he wants to go back to his previous party. We did not hear anything from him or Imran Khan on this subject. We suggest Javed Hashmi should make his position clear, in what context he said Nawaz Sharif 'was his leader and is his leader'. He don't think Imran Khan is his leader. … [Continue reading]

How Pakistani TV Channels Announce Breaking News


Here are two examples from today's news on Pakistani TV Channels. That tells you the maturity level of our media. First breaking news: Nawaz Sharif has met with Chaudary Nisar Ali Khan Interior Minister. This was announced taking pause in the routine program. Second breaking news: Germany has announced 93 million Euro aid to Pakistan to help ease out energy crises. Beggers are proud that they got alms. This was also announced by stopping the regular transmission. … [Continue reading]

Makhdoom Amin Fahim on Nawaz Sharif

Makhdoom amin fahim on nawaz sharif

Makhdoon Amin Fahim is the party leader of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) in the National Assembly. Yesterday, after the election of Nawaz Sharif as new prime minister all the party leaders made speeches. Amin Fahim made the remarks in his speech that they have made him prime minister and he (mean Nawaz Sharif) should be thankful to one agency also who helped him to reach to this position. I think Amin Fahim forgot to mention one more name. That is, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudary, Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court. If he has not given the verdict in his favor, Nawaz Sharif will not be here today. So Nawaz Sharif should be thankful to him. … [Continue reading]

Javed Hashmi on Nawaz Sharif


Yesterday, after the election of Nawaz Sharif (Noon League) as prime minister in the parliament, Javed Hashmi (PTI) while speaking on the assembly floor said, "Nawaz Sharif was his leader, and is his leader" Here is a question for Javed Hashmi, if Nawaz Sharif is his leader then why he came to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)? If his leader is not Imran Khan then he has no reason to stay in PTI. Probably, Nawaz Sharif will welcome him back with open arms. Javed Hashmi was previously in the Noon League and like other politicians who changed parties for their personal benefit, he left Noon League and joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Javed Hashmi left Noon League for what ever reasons it … [Continue reading]

President Asif Ali Zardari and His Affiliation with Pakistan Peoples Party


Yesterday an interview of Asif Ali Zardari with senior correspondants of TV channels was broadcasted. This interview was given by him as President of Pakistan. He may be sitting in his home Bilawal House which was declared as President House. On one side was the flag of Pakistan and on the other side was President's standard. So this was purely office of the President of Pakistan. But at the background on the wall there was a big size portrait of late Benazir Bhutto. No president of any country display his wife's picture where actually the picture of Muhammad Ali Jinnah should have been there. Basically, he protrayted her as the founder of the Pakistan. Is it legal and … [Continue reading]

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