Some Opposition Parties Support Nawaz Sharif for Prime Minister’s Election

Some of the opposition parties namely, MQM, JUIF and other smaller parties in the National Assembly have decided to vote for Nawaz Sharif for the election of Prime Minister.
We have a question for them.

If they think he is the right person for the job then why they have not supported him during the election. Why they fought the election against him? Better yet they should have joined his party. As the counting goes more that fifty lotas have joined him a couple of more should have also joined him if there is no difference between your and his manifesto.

The fact of the matter is all these parties who are supporting Nawaz Sharif they don’t have any principle they are supporting him to get something in return.

These politicians have no ideology they just follow and look for their personal interests not people’s interests.

MQM’s Stance on Impeachment of Pervez Musharraf

MQM has decided to side with President Pervez Musharraf (at least for now).

To tell you the truth that surprised me.

I was thinking Mr. Zardari will offer some deal like withdrawl of all cases against MQM workers including Altaf Hussain as a bait to MQM to get their support. Either PPP did not offer anything or MQM stood on its own to do what they thought is right.

What ever is the reason, I think MQM’s decision is right and good for them in the long run. MQM had (and still has to some extent) a little tarnish image. But MQM has their vote bank. They should depend on that and not on temporary benefits.

In the short term MQM may have to lose their governorship and a couple of ministerial jobs in the Sindh province but long run they will get the benefit that they are not siding with waderaaz, religious fundamentalists and right-wing neo-capitalists turned corrupt politicians.

But the most important thing is if MQM thinks that Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari want to impeach the president for their personal gains as part of their personal agenda then they should tell this to their vote bank. That is the right reason to stand for.

MQM has always said that they are common people representing common people. So they should always keep that in mind what their supporters would like them to do.

MQM is one of those political parties who has roots in the people.