Election Commission of Pakistan’s Miracles

Election Commission Pakistan

According to the news appeared in the print and electronic media, Election Commission of Pakistan received 12,890 nomination papers for different positions of National and Provisional Assemblies at the close of the date and time (March 31, 2013 12:00 midnight) given for the submission.

In less than 24 hours Election Commission of Pakistan announced that they have scrutinized 4,864 papers and found acceptable. Is it not a miracle?

That also raises a lot of questions about the working of Election Commission of Pakistan.

Will The Elections Take Place – Asks Fakharuddin G. Ibrahim


Shaheen Sehbai of Jang Newspaper stated in a TV program ‘Sawal Yeh Hey’ at ARY News channel that there was a function in Karachi where Najam Sethi was also a speaker. After the speech there was a time for questions and answers. A person stood up and asked a question to Najam Sethi, what do you think, were there going to
be elections in Pakistan?

Do you know who was that person?

That person was Fakharuddin G. Ibrahim, Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan. The person who is responsible to manage and conduct the elections in Pakistan. And he is asking other people what they think whether the elections will take place or not.

Do you think this 87 years old person is capable to conduct the elections and have the stamina to do such strenuous job? He may be an honest person but is he capable (mental as well as physical) to do this job. This may be another conclusion (muk muka) among the major parties that appoint a person who is honest so nobody says anything against him but physically weak so he cannot conduct the elections professionally.

To whom you will blame for this? Nawaz Sharif, Zardari or political system. Write your comments and let the other readers know about your view point.