NA-55 Rawalpindi Polling Results?


Balloting was closed 5:00 Pakistan Time (PST). Five minutes after the closing of the balloting GEO TV Channel has started running a news strip that Jang Group conducted a survey in NA-55 area  asking people to whom they will vote.

The question is why they have to run this survey on the balloting day. What were the motives behind this survey? By the end of they day people will know the actual results.

There is no problem conducting such surveys as such but we don’t know whether this was really a survey. This may be a paid service provided to a political party for propaganda. Let us see if some information comes out from any corner of the new arena.

The problem i see is that day before yesterday on GEO TV channel program CapitalTalk Hamid Mir invited a couple of news analyst including Irfan Siddiqui, Haroon Rasheed and one analyst from Karachi studio. Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed accused Hamid Mir that he intentionally arranged this anti Shaikh Rasheed program. Shaikh Rasheed also accused Irfan Siddiqui that he is on the payroll of Noon League.

Anybody and everybody is entitled to have his or her opinion what ever they like. The question is either TV channels should show they are neutral and they bring the news from both sides of table or openly announce the channel is a political activist channel who pays the money they will broadcast the program for them.

GEO TV Channel has played a role of political activism in the media. GEO TV has  broadcast the propaganda against Pervaiz Musharraf and now a days against Asif Ali Zardari. Sharif Brothers are not angles but GEO did not say anything about their activities when Noon League was in power and his running away from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia. NRO also made it possible for Sharifs to come back to Pakistan. Now they say they are anti-NRO.

Do GEO get the money from political parties to run the program for or against their opponents.
We don’t know.

This is a big question and very disturbing.

Missing Persons 8 to 10 Thousands – Maulana Fazalur Rahman


Eight to ten thousands person are missing in Pakistan as per Maulana Fazalur Rahman’s statement of today.

Few months back Rahman Malik, Interior Minister was claiming and following up some where between 1200 and 1500 missing persons.
Let us go back a little further.

During Pervaiz Musharraf’s time opposition leaders were claiming thousands of people have been handed over to United States by Pervaiz Musharraf in exchange for money. All these political leaders were saying with such a confidence as they have a proof of it.

Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudary, Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court was issuing suo moto every day to officials of Ministry of Interior of the government of  Pervaiz Musharraf to present the missing people in his  court or at least their where about.
We hear every day, now a days judiciary has become independent. What independent Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudary has done so far on this subject since Pervaiz Musharraf has left.
Is it not fact that Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudary was issuing all the suo motos just to take revenge of his personal animosity with Pervaiz Musharraf.

You see how dishonest as a nation we are to our selves.
This is one the problems. Who needs to maintain this register of missing people in Pakistan?

Media Power – You Want To See?


You want to see media power?

Here is a news item published recently in the Arab press.
Saudi Arabia and Egypt has proposed to create an “Office for Arab Satellite Television” to supervise the satellite broadcast of Arab TV Channels. This proposal will be discussed in the meeting of Information Ministers of Arab League countries going to be held in Cairo on January 24, 2010.

An organization named Reporters Without Borders based in Paris, France said this is to implement censorship on TV broadcast. They claim this proposal is particularly targeted at Qatar-based Al-Jazeera, the Palestinian Hamas group’s Al-Aqsa TV and Hezbollah’s Al-Manar channel.

Supposedly these TV channels criticize Arab governments.  I don’t know they criticize as a matter of policy or they broadcast news and commentaries which go against Arab governments or the Arab governments don’t like their people know.

Irrespective of any country, region or language there should definitely not be any censorship but at the same time TV channels and their broadcasters should also be responsible, reasonable and rational. They should not criticize for the sake of criticism.

Obviously, there would always be difference of opinion on many issues in any country of the world. A holy responsibility of the media is to present the pros and cons of both sides and let the audience decide and form their own opinion.

Taliban Claims Karachi Bombings


Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has announced yesterday and accepted the responsibility for the Karachi suicide bombing that killed 43 people and left more than 80 injured on December 28, 2009 Reuters reported.

A TTP commander said more attacks will be launched in the next 10 days.

Sindhi Topi And Ajrak are Insignia of Pakistan – Aitzaz Hassan


Today Aitzaz Hassan in a statement during a press conference called at his home said Sindhi Topi and Ajrak are symbols of Pakistan.

Does Mr. Aitzaz Hassan wanted to say that Sindh is Pakistan now?

We could not understand any other meaning of his statement.

Rahman Malik Seeks Fatwa Against Terrorists


After the attack of terrorists on a mosque in Parade Lane (Rawalpindi) on Friday, Rahman Malik Interior Minister asked Pakistani Ulema to give a fatwa against terrorists. He also wants the fatwa should say that they are not Muslims.

Maulana Muneeb Rehman on GEO TV and other Ulema and Maulvies and Mullahs are making statements that according to Qura’an and Hadith “anybody who killed one person he killed whole human beings”.

Barak Obama, also referred to this Quranic teachings in his address in Cairo.

The question is when Christians and Qadianis were murdered within the boundaries of Islamic Republic of Pakistan at that time no A’alim, no Maulvi and no Mullah said anything about these murderers. Nobody gave any reference of Qura’an and Hadith. It seemed that killing of Christians and Qadianis was Ok with the Ulema and the government of Pakistan.

In fact, Aamir Liaquat Hussain, a self appointed A’alim said openly in his program ‘Alim on Line’ on GEO TV that killing of Qadianis is acceptable in Islam. On Youtube you can see the clips of that program. No Aalim, no Maulvi and no Mullah said anything against Aamer Liaquat Hussain. Christians and Qadianis are not human beings?

This is Islam as interpreted in Pakistan.

Islam is very flexible religion anybody can interpret the way he likes. When Iraq attacked Iran in 80s both countries declared it is Jihaad.

When Aamer Liquat Hussain declared on GEO TV that killing of Qadianis is acceptable. That was his interpretation of Islam.

When Taliban or other extremists Mullahs use the same Islam to attack and kill other people then why you seek fatwas against them. You did not sought fatwas against Aamer Liaquat Hussain and other murderers of Christians and Qadianis. In fact supported the killers.

Will these type of fatwas are going to stop the terrorists from their actions. I don’t think so. Then why we are kidding ourselves.

Can The President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari Be Prosecuted?


Aitzaz Ahsan and some other people who call themselves experts say that president Asif Ali Zardari can not be prosecuted while he is in the office.

It may be right, it may not be right. That is not the question.
The question is there are all indications and many people who are in the know said very openly that there were solid evidences against in the money laundering case in UK, SGS bribery case in Switzerland and misconduct in the food for oil case in Spain. So after that did Asif Ali Zardari has any moral ground to hold such a high office?

These were the cases which were outside Pakistan. There were many cases within Pakistan. A long list of those allegations are listed in the NRO List issued by the PPP government.